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Weekend Memphis. And it couldn’t get here soon enough.

Again, lack of posts due to a crazy work week. By the time I get home and eat dinner, I only stare at the television, not able to process exactly what is televised. My mind by this time is numb. Only six more crazy weeks to go. I will post some random stuff that went on last week.

Apparently I went a bit crazy last week, ordering more than $100 of items using Amazon.com (or as I like to call it; “crack”). The “haunted” makeup mirror arrived. Still no sign of paranormal activity occurring… yet.

apartment NOT HAUNTED

I also picked up a new tire for the bicycle. “Conti Gator”.

Bicycle Tire Gator Hardshell

The reason? I did the math. My bike rides are 26+ miles, times five days a week, times 52 weeks; and that equals many miles. 6700 miles. (Weekend rides not included) Obviously I do not ride to work every day, but I am putting miles on that bicycle. With a few flats in the last couple of weeks, I decided to get ONE new tire. The back tire wears twice as fast as the front, so I will put the new tire on the back. I am also looking at adding an old tire as a tire liner. I’ve researched this idea, and some cyclists are using old tires to protect the tubes inside. A work in progress.

Speaking of bicycles, I have also ordered some new tubes for the bicycle. You can never have enough bicycle tubes.

And more bicycle stuff (you can never have enough). Vittoria Pit-Stop Tire repair kit. The stuff is supposed to inflate and seal small leaks in tubes. No need to take the wheel off the frame and change the tube. I attempted to use the Slime product last year when I had a flat, but the tire pressure was high, and the seal didn’t work. I guess I will see how Vittoria holds up.

I also purchased a wifi range extender from Amazon; Netgear N300. When I am outside cooking on the grill, it is very difficult to get ONE bar of wifi. I figure if I plug the wifi extender into the wall next to the patio I should not have a problem with wifi outdoors.

More electronics. Amazon is also sending me a new Flip Camera. I like the camera; easy to use, portable, & easy to upload video’s. My problem? I abuse the crap out of these camera’s. My Flip camera has lasted a few years but I have dropped the thing, cracked the lens, and let the thing get rained on. Lately the camera has been acting funky. Time for a new one. I do plan to use the old camera as a rear facing camera on the bicycle. The Flip camera is great for recording my various intersection crossings in town, especially at dangerous intersections.

Wait. More spent at Amazon.com. Today there was a deal for Kindle books. One such book was “Making the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. I love history and I love tech books. Both in one book? Sign me up. Better yet the book was only a couple of bucks. Click and purchased.

Riding home yesterday, I snapped a photo of Shelby Farms Patriot Lake.

Shelby Farms Patriot Lake Construction

The lake water is draining to the opposite side of road for the lake extension. I wonder how low the water will go in the lake.

Near the end of my bicycle ride, I noticed this “tunnel effect” created by the trees along the Greenline.

Memphis Greenline

The location? Tillman Street. Even the worst streets have beauty.

While riding to work yesterday I was passed up by three older women who were riding mountain bikes. That’s cool. I will catch up to you later. My guess is that they were riding about 16 miles per hour. After I let them move up about a mile from me, I started the chase. (I MUST stop racing people on the Greenline!) It took me some time, but I caught up to the last rider in line. I pushed onward and caught up the second cyclist. As I neared the 40 / 240 construction zone, I caught up to the first woman in line. I passed her up and told her, “You’re fast”. She just laughed. Don’t underestimate these older cyclists. They will zip by you with pedals of fury.

My wife picked up some new postage stamps the other day.

Cash postage stamps

I find it funny that you have to be dead to have your face on a postage stamp in the U.S. I do not follow the logic. Then again at the post office, “I wait in line.”

Shane. You are the best. I cried for five minutes straight while reading this article. I haven’t laughed that loud and long for some time.

Yes, I did ride my bicycle this morning, in the rain. The rain poncho was left at home on purpose. “To hell with the rain!” “Born to lose, live to win.” “It’s only water.”

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, Amazon and beers. Cheers.