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Two for Tuesday Memphis!

Lack of posts due to long work days 😦

Sunday afternoon we stopped in for lunch at Soul Fish in Cooper Young. I ordered the SMALL catfish plate. Three sides later PLUS the fish and I was stuffed full. Wish I took a photo of the plate. When the lunch arrived I put that plate away in no time. The catfish was very good as well as the sides. I highly recommend this plate.

The ladies wanted to shop for clothes, so I decided to shop for beer at the Memphis Growler in Cooper Young. I picked out a flight of beers. Sweetwater 420, High Cotton Saison, Yazoo Hefe and New Belgium Summer Helles. Two best? Yazoo Hefe and High Cotton Saison. That High Cotton beer is EXCELLENT.

Memphis Growler Beers

Again, the joint will serve food, very soon.

My wife wanted me to order a makeup mirror from Amazon for herself. I told her to send me the link. I received the link, PLUS a review of the product. “I don’t need to read the review of the product”, I said to myself. I should have read the online review.

“3.0 out of 5 stars Lighting’s great but the mirror portion is most likely haunted..
After doing an exhaustive analysis of the various lighted mirror options available on Amazon and reading about a brazillion reviews, I decided on this mid-range model based on all the pluses and minuses I read.

-Size is good
-Lighting is great
-Mirror view both regular and magnified are mirror-y and work as mirrors should

-Mirror appears to be haunted** and slowly tilts in a different direction as I apply make-up making make-up application difficult and causing me to have to tilt the mirror back into place several times during a make-up application session irritating me probably more than something like that ought to irritate a person.

**The reason I have come to the conclusion that it is haunted is based on the scientific process of elimination.

First, gravity in my house is standard earth gravity and should not cause the repeated tilting of mirrors.

Second, the table on which I place my Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror is a standard flat, not sloped, surface and should not cause mirror motion.

Third, while not super-model quality, I’m pretty sure my visage isn’t horrid enough to cause a mirror to attempt to escape when forced to mirror my face even without make-up.

In conclusion, having ruled out all other scientific causes of spontaneous mirror movement, I am left to come to the solid conclusion that it is simply haunted and hence not as usable as I’d like a mirror I paid about $60.00 for to be.
Who am I kidding?
I’d be upset with a haunted $10.00 mirror too.”

Apparently I purchased a HAUNTED mirror for my wife.

apartment NOT HAUNTED

My wife picked up a beer for me after work.

beer cookie

That is some good beer! (Not haunted by the way)

Oh yeah. I cooked up some ribs Sunday evening. Low and slow people, low and slow.

memphis ribs

Those were some GOOD ribs. The only thing I need to work on is the finishing sauce. Other than that, perfect.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, ribs and haunted mirrors. Cheers.