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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

First stop this morning? Coffee Town. Had me an iced coffee and a “chicken in a basket” plate. Pair the coffee and food with classic rock, and it was heaven.

Next stop? Wiseacre.

wiseacre taproom

I took the bicycle on over to the brewery. “Uncle Puppy” is a very nice and light summer wheat beer.

Uncle Puppy Wiseacre

Thirsty? Try this beer out.

Oh yes, Wiseacre has a new patio.

Wiseacre Patio

What’s next? Opening the silo and adding tables inside? Or even better, serving beer FROM the silo. Just an idea.

There is also the “new-ish” bridge on the property as well.

Wiseacre Bridge

A very good idea with very good art.

Out the door and on my way to High Cotton Brewery. Along the way I decided to try the Overton Park / Broad Street connector.

Broad Street Park Connector

Very easy access to Overton Park now. Connect the green spaces!

I am riding my bicycle down North Parkway when I discovered I had a flat front tire 😦 No worries, I have a spare. Then I found out the spare had a hole in it. Okay, I have a patch kit. The hole was on a seam, patch didn’t work. I’m only a few miles from home and I could walk. Or…. I turn into MacGyver. The only thing I need is a zip tie and a small piece of tape.

Zip tie bicycle tire fix 2

Zip tie bicycle tire fix 3

I took the zip tie and wrapped it around the part of the tube with the hole in it. Then I cut off the excess zip tie. Next I put a small piece of good tape around the zip tie and tube.

Zip Tie Bicycle Tire Fix Tape

Filling the tube with air… and it worked! The tube held air. I put the tube on the tire and took off down the street. I could not believe I fixed the tire with a zip tie. Wow. The ride felt fine with the quick fix. Even hours later, the tube still held the air. Amazing.

Yesterday I found a car rim on the ground.

Street Car Rim

The thing looks brand new. Not a scratch on the rim. Hello Ebay.

I also went by Busters yesterday to pick up a few items. One was Wiseacre’s Unicornucopia.

Unicornucopia Wiseacre

The beer is very good, and the flavor hides the alcohol well. Wiseacre is a WORLD CLASS Brewery. Really good stuff coming out of this joint. This brewery does not follow the crowd. They are leading other breweries with excellent beers.

I also picked up some Crispin Cider and Fireball for “Crispin Balls”. Add one shot of Fireball to a pint of Crispin Cider.

crispin balls

Do not try this at home. Actually, do not try this at all. The Crispin is not sweet enough for “Crispin Balls”. Try Angry Orchard (Angry Balls) or Woodchuck (Wood Balls). Just sayin’.

More liquor store news. I saw a sign at Busters; “Due to NEW legislation, all stores MUST I.D. EVERY CUSTOMER”. It doesn’t matter if you are 92 years old. You MUST show I.D…. grandma. I must look more into this matter.

Lately it has been one bicycle flat tire, one car flat and ANOTHER bicycle flat. If I get one more flat… I’m going to fix it.

Done. See YOU back here for more beer, bikes, and Crispin Balls. Cheers.