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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. And I am THIRSTY!

No bicycle ride for me today. I knew it would be a long day at work, including public speaking to a large group. That alone makes for a tough day.

I did ride my bicycle yesterday to and from work. Going to work I noticed that Shelby Farms is closing down the south end of the lake and the path that circles it.

Shelby Farms Park Construction

This view is to the south looking towards Walnut Grove Road, at the bottom of Shelby Farms.

On my way back home, I found another nail at the 40 / 240 intersection, in the construction zone, on the trail.

greenline nail 2

I am not a happy camper. These nails create flats for cyclists. (Yes TDOT, I am keeping count of the nails you leave on the trail.) Last night I spent some time crafting a letter to Shelby Farms Park and the director Laura Adams. My biggest complaint about the proposed Shelby Farms Freeway? TDOT. TDOT can’t keep a trail clear of nails. Repeatedly. TDOT cannot complete projects on time. And TDOT attempts to strong-arm Memphis City Council into contributing to the Shelby Farms Freeway project. “If it doesn’t get started this year, it will never be built.” Please go away TDOT. You are showing your lack of thinking, planning, and management skills.

My days have been so busy lately, I have had little time to read ANYTHING. Time to get a new book. The only upside to this week? I only have to make it through Friday and I will have TWO days off! In a row!

Plans for this weekend?


Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.


hefe beer


Mexican Food


Bicycle Memphis

Oh yes. I must try out the new High Cotton Tap Room. Put THAT on my list of things to do this weekend.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, books, and beer AND the Shelby Farms Greenline 🙂