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Weekend Memphis. Yes, I get a day off. One.

Lack of posts from the last week due to the fact I was working harder and more days than usual. By the time I arrived home I was usually beat.

Last week I took a photo of the “diverted” trail at I-240 and 40.

2014-06-11 07.47.13

The new path is not a problem.

THIS is the problem:

Memphis Greenline Nail TDOT

That would be a NAIL I found on the Greenline, left by construction workers. Yes, I had a flat last week. Now I know why. The following morning I stopped by to chat with the work crew. “We seem to have a problem. Your guys are leaving nails on the trail.” “Call office.” Thanks. I will do one better than “call office”.

Saturday? I worked. But after work we walked up to Cooper Young. We decided to try out the NEW version of Cafe Ole. Some of my thoughts on the food and drinks? The margaritas were good. Both the “top shelf” and “regular” margaritas were nice. The cheese for the nacho’s? That needs some work. No flavor in the cheese at all. The salsa? Good. Chicken taco’s? Way over spiced.

Chicken taco cafe ole

As in “burn your mouth”. Plus the taco plate was over priced.

Next stop was Growler Memphis.

Growler Memphis

We sat outside at the table and chairs. One of the staff came by and we talked for some time about bikes, running, life and various cities. Nice talk. The joint will also be serving food in the next few weeks. I was given the inside scoop, but you will have to wait a for more weeks to try the new food out.

High Cotton Brewery opened a tap room. That is GREAT news. Me? I’m not showing up with 900 folks to try the place out. My plan is to check the new pub out on an off night. And I have to make a plan to find a route to get to the place by bicycle.

Bicycle.com posted a great article about bicycles and how to prevent bicycle theft. Read the article here. “#1 Your bicycle WILL get stolen. Accept the truth.” “Nooooooooooo!!!!!!” I figure with two bicycle locks, most thieves would move along to the next bicycle with only one lock… I hope. I also read today that bicycle theft is a $350 MILLION dollar business per YEAR. And that sucks.

And I forgot to mention, Aldo’s Pizza is coming to Cooper Young. Why am I excited? Beer. Good beer. The pizza may not be the best, but the beer is. And it is right around the corner from home. And… Aldo’s delivers. If you have been to the new Urban Outfitters, the new joint will be right behind it. The building has sat empty for some time now. We were wondering when someone would open a place up. Read more about Aldo’s in Cooper Young here.

Lastly, a GREAT idea for Overton Square and Cooper Young. Great idea Dan Conaway. FANTASTIC! Yes, let’s roll!

That does it for me. I am about to cook up some burgers and short ribs on the grill. Time to kick the tires and light a fire. Cheers!