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Two for Tuesday Memphis. I WAS going to post about a lousy work week (It’s only Tuesday!).

Instead I give you photo’s!

Memphis Botanic Garden Sink

Hey Pink Floyd, USE THIS PHOTO for your next album!

Parthenon Nashville TN

I like the effect as I entered the Parthenon replica in Nashville.

Greenline Art

I’m pretty sure you can still see this art ON the Greenline (near Waring).

Picture Perfect Day

Picture perfect in New Orleans. It almost appears to be a painting.

Jim Morrison Art

You can see more art like the above at Central BBQ on Central. Love it.

Overton Square Courtyard

Alien film set? No. Overton Square.

riverwalk fountain san antonio texas

I dig the angles… in San Antonio.

Ummm... Beerrrrr....

Ummm… Beerrrrr….

And do not forget to….

Don't worry....

Nothing but love. Although my day was NOT good, I hope yours was a bit better than mine. Here is to looking at tomorrow. It only gets better (if you start at the bottom.)