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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Friday could not arrive soon enough. What a work week. Here are a few items I came upon lately.

The new park benches found on the Greenline have bicycle racks next to the benches. Nice touch!

Memphis Greenline Benches

The storms that have passed over Shelby County lately brought down a few trees. One large tree nearly blocked an entire section of the Greenline. Now that is a tree.

Memphis Greenline Tree Down


Oh yeah, I purchased a new bicycle mirror. This comes in handy on Tillman and Farm Road. In the past I have had to ride and look over my shoulder at the same time to be aware of traffic. Now I only have to check my mirror. The new purchase was easy to install and works like a charm.

Oh yes, there is bicycle “art” at First Congo. We noticed it yesterday when we went to eat at Young Avenue Deli.

Bicycle sculpture Memphis


Speaking of Y.A.D., I tried out the newest Ghost River Beer Honey Wheat. I had to ask the waitress if she poured the wrong beer. “Is this a Budweiser by mistake?” No, it was the newest Ghost River wheat beer. Bad try Ghost River. You missed by a long shot. The beer needs more conditioning and more flavor. The beer also needs to be lighter. Just sayin’.

Have you heard of Angry Balls?

angry balls

Wood Balls?

wood balls

How about Crispin Balls? Okay, Angry Balls and Wood Balls are acceptable. Crispin Balls is NOT acceptable. Do not attempt Crispin Balls. The Crispin Cider is not sweet enough to mix Fireball and Crispin Cider. You will end up wasting your cider. Just sayin’.

This morning I woke up early and headed to Coffee Town. My favorite new item? Eggs in a basket. I LOVE eggs in a basket!

eggs in a basket republic coffee memphis

Some of the best mornings in the world are riding a bicycle, drinking some coffee and listening to some good music.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and taco shirts. Cheers.