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Waffle Wednesday? I’m not even sure.

Last night I worked until 10:30 p.m. I arrived at work at 8:30 A.M., which makes for a very long day. But I am getting ahead of myself. To the beginning!

Tuesday I took the bicycle to work. As I arrived near the top of Shelby Farms, a person was yelling my name. “What the …?” I worked my way over to the parking lot near the county jail. A group of guys were standing with their bicycles. Oh yes. It is the “retired bicycle club”. I see these guys every day, in the morning hours, riding the Greenline. They are nice enough to say hi to me as we pass each other. We started talking Tuesday morning. They thought I took some time off from the bicycle lately. “No, no. My hours change in the summer at work. I start one hour earlier on my ride in the summer.” We talked about bikes and gear. Tires and cameras. “Got to run!” I was off to work.

Later in the day I was asked if I could work late. “Sure.” I’m a man. I can do it. I am also older than I used to be. I worked 12 hour shifts at the drop of a hat in the past. I am no longer “that” young. But I survived.

In other notes, I tried out some “Wood Balls”.

wood balls

(Not to be confused with “Angry Balls” or “Chuck Balls”) I found the “Wood Balls” better than “Angry Balls”. The two similar flavors wed better than “Angry Balls”. You can still taste both flavors at the same time, cider and Fireball. Good drink. My new cocktail Memphis. Wood Balls for everyone!

Speaking of “wood balls”, Target is now selling “Taco Shirts”.

taco shirt

Are you kidding me??? I MUST own a “taco shirt”. My wife – “No. We are NOT purchasing a taco shirt”. My wife was unimpressed with the taco shirt.  Me – “But all the cool kids at school are wearing taco shirts!” No. I did NOT get the taco shirt. What a shame. Coolest shirt in Target. Just use CASH when you purchase one 😉

No taco shirt for me, but I did buy a new bicycle U-lock. I already have a good lock for the bicycle, but I believe bike thieves are LAZY and will move on when they discover a FEW locks on the bicycle. Good luck to me.

My wife picked up some La Michoacana for me the other day. Melon and Chamoy! Best in Memphis!

la michocana chamoy popsicle

Love it!

Done. Beat. Still tired from yesterday. See YOU back here for more bikes, wood balls, and taco shirts. Cheers.