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Weekend Memphis. Get out! I have a great deal to discuss, so let’s get the party started.

Even with the threat of rain, I took the bicycle to work Friday. Morning? No problem, just the last mile with a small rain shower. Riding home later I thought I could escape the rain. Wrong. The last 4 miles drenched me. At least I carry a rain poncho. To make matters worse, I was held up by a train IN THE RAIN. Talk about bad timing. No worries though. I just waited, and waited and waited for the train to pass.

I did see the presence of some new benches along the Greenline in the evening. Good work!

greenline park benches

This photo was taken at the end of the Greenline at the top of Shelby Farms. There is another set of benches just past Graham.

As soon as I was home, we headed out to Hueys for dinner. We sat at a table but noticed a large group of people who were waiting for several tables to be placed together. We offered our table up so they could sit together. Hueys staff thanked us for moving by offering us a free appetizer. American business leaders can learn something about customer service from Hueys management. The diner consistently offers the best customer service. Period. Best customer service in Memphis by a long shot.

hueys texas toast burger

Texas Toast Burger. Get some.

After dinner I headed over to Cash Saver to pick up some beers. GREAT selection of beers at Cash Saver. I also like “Make Your Own” six packs. Just choose 6 different beers to take home and you are done. Can you guess the theme of the night?

hefe beer

And… one surprise guest! That is correct; Angry Balls!

angry balls

Pour a pint of Angry Orchard Cider and add a shot of Fireball to the drink. How was Angry Balls? The drink was okay. Definitely different. You could taste the cider AND the Fireball at the same time. I am glad I tried the drink.

Check this out though. I walked into Tip Top liquor store to purchase the bottle of Fireball. I noticed a sign next to the cashier but thought nothing of it. When I was paying for the bottle, the cashier asked to see my I.D. “What?” This guy knows me. I talk to him every time I am in the store. I am OBVIOUSLY over the age of 21. “New ordinance. We have to check the I.D. of EVERYONE.” I asked if this was a problem. He answered no, with one exception. The elderly that no longer drive do not carry a license with them. This means they cannot buy booze. My guess is that the elderly will have to wait outside of the liquor store for 20 somethings to buy them booze. The tables are now reversed. If I have a chance I will try to take a photo of the new law for liquor stores.

Saturday morning I took the bike out for a ride to Republic Coffee. I sat, read the news, listened to some classic rock music and had “eggs in a basket”. Love me the eggs in a basket. Talk about a PERFECT morning. Coffee, music and eggs and toast. It does not get better than this. As I was headed home, I noticed my back tire was a little low. By the time I reached home the tire was really low on air. Time to replace the tire tube, but first, some Central BBQ. I called in my order “to go”. After waiting 10 minutes I cut ahead of that long line at Central BBQ and picked up my BBQ Nachos.

Love me the BBQ Nachos.

Central BBQ Nachos

Nothing but love.

And now time to change that flat tire. There were several things I wanted to try while changing the tire. First, I wanted to try patching the tire and keeping it, just in case. Secondly, the flat tire gave me a chance to use the Kool Stop tire jack I purchased last year.

Guess what? The thing works. I have Gator tires. Great for keeping sharp objects away from your tube, but a real pain when trying to change a tube. The tire jack pulls the tire back onto the rim with ease. Reviews for the Gator tires state repeatedly how difficult it is to pull the tire onto the rim. The Kool Stop makes the task very easy. The only issue with the tire jack is that the thing is not easy to carry on the bicycle. I keep the jack in my shoulder sling while out on the road.

Thanks to the Memphis Library I am reading two new books. James Rollins “Kill Switch

and Steve Berry “The Lincoln Myth“.

Both books are excellent. I am attempting to read 10% of both books every day. The best part? The books are FREE to read from the Memphis Library. I would have purchased the books! And I only have to download the books to my iPhone, Kindle or Ipad. So easy to do. Thanks Memphis Library!

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and books. Cheers.