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More Nashville people. More “Nash-Vegas”.

I posted yesterday about ways of getting around in Nashville while visiting. You can take a bus, rent a bicycle, or… hire a golf cart. Whattttt? That was my reaction. We were getting ready to leave the hotel when a cab driver asked us if we needed a ride. I said, “Maybe?”. I then noticed a golf cart pull up to the hotel. I asked the golf cart driver if he could take us downtown. “Sure.” The cost was however much you wanted to pay the driver. We hopped on and headed downtown. Wow. This is easy. To get a ride back to the hotel, the driver handed us a business card. “Just call me if you need a ride back.” We used the golf cart taxi’s a few times while staying in Nashville. Most times we tipped the driver $5. Very easy and very convenient to use. Here is the name of the company; Joyride Nashville.

More coffee. We needed some breakfast. I looked up some of the best joints for coffee in Nashville. Fido came up on the list. And the place was near our hotel. The place is BIG. (warning, parking is limited in the area!) I was surprised. My wife ordered the blueberry pancakes and I had the eggs, toast and ham. I also ordered a coffee. The coffee was delicious! There is even a description of the coffee “… with a wine finish.” The description of the coffee was spot on. I LOVED the coffee at Fido.

Fido blueberry pancakes

Fido eggs and hashbrowns

Go HERE! The staff is helpful and great.

Wait. Want MORE mexican food? How about Taco Mamacita? A friend suggested this place to me. After we were seated we picked out our food. I decided to try the chicken enchiladas. While waiting for the food, we ate some chips and salsa. The salsa was very good. My enchilada soon came out and I dived right in.

Mamacita Enchiladas Nashville

The enchilada plate had a “lime flavor” added to it. Different taste, but good. While Chuys is more Tex-Mex, Mamacita is a “pop” version of mexican food. The staff also provided good service.

Done. See YOU back here for more golf carts, mexican food and coffee. Cheers.


Again, Nashville is a great city and we had an excellent time while there.