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Holiday weekend Memphis. Road trip!

That is right, this weekend called for a trip to Nashville. “Nash-Vegas” is a great city to visit. Here is what happened.

Our hotel was located on Music Row. We were close enough to downtown without staying downtown. But how can you get to downtown without taking a cab? There are a few choices. Public transportation includes buses (which we used). There is also bicycle rental. I have used the rental bicycles in the past in Nashville and this is a winning choice. Just insert your credit card, choose a bicycle and ride away. Music Row to downtown was covered in a manner of minutes. Very simple. Go HERE for Nashville B-Cycle.

Bachlorette party? I lost count of how many we ran into. Here is an example of one.

bachlorette party

As I told the soon to be bride, “This is a train wreck waiting to happen.” Her reply? “No. It’s magical.” Me- “No, I’m pretty sure it’s a train wreck. Just sayin’.” The young woman did get underwear from a random guy at the bar though. Train wreck.

We also ate our way thought Nashville. Chuys is very good. If you like Tex-Mex, this is your place.

Chuys Enchiladas

Delicious! The location is near Music Row. Give it a try.

We also took the rental bicycles to Crema near downtown. I really wanted to try this coffee-house out.

Crema Coffee Shop

I tried the iced coffee. How was it? Well, it tasted like iced coffee. Nothing to write home about. Maybe the other coffee is better.

Did you know Nashville has a replica of the Parthenon? I never knew.

Parthenon Nashville

Parthenon Nashville TN

I have been to Greece and the REAL Parthenon. Good copy in Nashville though. And good information about the REAL Parthenon is provided as well. I recommend going here.

Parthenon Nashville Lion

The band Kiss is making a stop in Nashville soon with Def Leppard. I did find a photo-op downtown.


“I want to rock and roll all night…” Did that. In Nashville.

Here is a photo along the river at night in downtown Nashville.

Nashville River

Beautiful. Thanks Nashville. We had a great time. See YOU back here soon for more mexican food, bicycles, and craft beer. Cheers.