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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Monday morning I took not one pair of shoes on my bicycle ride, but two. What? Yes, I took my running shoes with me to Shelby Farms. I only ran for a short time at the park on my way to work, but it was a good run. And I plan to do the same thing tomorrow. Why not wear the running shoes while biking? Running shoes feel big and bulky. I do not feel good contact on the pedals with the running shoes. Black Converse are the best.

Speaking of Shelby Farms, the work continues at the park to expand Patriot Lake.

Shelby Farms Construction

The above photo is where the buffalo used to roam. So far, there has been no disruption in or out of the park.

Speaking of bikes, “Bike to Work Memphis” captured photos of me downtown last Friday.


“What is in the bag?” Remember it was chilly last Friday morning. Pants and a jacket in the middle of May???


In this photo I look stunned. Or I am posing like a mannequin. Odd.

On the way home today I noticed the cars parked in the Power Life Fitness Gym at Poplar and Humes. So you go to the gym to exercise and park your car nearest to the door?

Memphis Gym

“I’m so tired… BEFORE I go to the gym.” You may want to park away from the front door, for some extra exercise. Just sayin’. It would be like me DRIVING my car to the Bike to Work event downtown.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes and beers. Cheers.