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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.

Just so you know, IT WAS 48 DEGREES during my bicycle ride. IN THE MIDDLE OF MAY! I have to ride in a jacket? In May? Are you kidding me? Unreal.

On my way to work, riding along the Greenline, I found this:

memphis greenline 240 construction

Can you think of other ways to screw up the Greenline? Remember, the work is for the 240 40 interchange. NOT the Greenline. Somehow this is called “progress”. Not cool.

Riding home this evening, I noticed ominous clouds in the sky above me. As I neared Waring, the rain began to pour. And it was “cold” rain. Even though I had a jacket with me, it wasn’t fun riding in the rain. The storm stopped as I neared the end of the Greenline. I was able to capture a photo at the corner of Poplar and Humes.

memphis rainbow

There is no gold at the end of this rainbow. Only lots of rain. Rainbow Rising.

Tomorrow is Bike To Work Day. Giddy up Memphis. My plan? Wake early, head downtown (5 miles). Then head back home (5 miles). Then bike to work (13.2 miles). Then bike home (13.2 miles). I do this yearly, so the longer ride is nothing new to me.

Want to know a secret? I get nervous before I ride with others. It’s the weirdest thing. Even if it is only ONE person to ride with, I get nervous. And I have no idea why. There isn’t a test. So for those of you playing at home, I will be plenty nervous early in the morning. Hope to see YOU there for the Bike To Work festivities.

Speaking of bicycles, check out this link: http://revolights.com/blogs/news/14117901-5-must-haves-on-a-ride#temp_created_link. But REALLY look at the extra stuff. “Bike Planter”. Really? That is real?

At this very moment I am currently drying my wet shoes out. (Dry, Converse, dry! I want to wear you tomorrow.)

I am still reading the book “The Great Pearl Heist”. Half way done and the book is good. I believe the book could have been shorter, but still a good read from the Memphis Library. I also placed myself on the list for the book “The Lincoln Myth” by Steve Berry. I will have to wait a while to read this; I am number 6 on the waiting list. But FREE is FREE. Thanks Memphis Library!

Done. I am water logged. And tired. Time for a drink, then bed. See YOU tomorrow during Bike To Work day. Cheers.