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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Are you staying dry?

With a short workday, plus errands in the afternoon, I was beat by the end of Saturday. And by Sunday, I really didn’t feel motivated to do much of anything.

I did get the chance to ride by Republic Coffee for some caffeine though. And a waffle.

The Finally Friday Waffle.

Oh yes, the Saturday night six pack. “Build Your Own.”

build your own six pack

build your own 6 pack

My thoughts? Here we go. Yazoo Hefeweizen is solid. A great wheat beer. Make sure to try this beer on draft this summer. This was the first time I tried out the Slip Rose by Blue Pants. Better than I thought the beer would taste. Plus the beer is 6.25% ABV. Gets you where you are going. Woodchuck. Something different. Variety is nice. Angry Orchard is a close second as well for a cider. Hoegaarden. Again something very good. I love me some wit-blanche. Wiseacre Tiny Bomb. Love in a yella can. Wiseacre makes the perfect “go to” beer. Magic Hat #9 is also a solid choice. I LOVE Magic Hat. Delicious. And THAT is my “pick six” six-pack.

If you like books (and I LOVE books) the Memphis Library will hold its Spring book sale soon.

book sale

book sale 1

You have no excuse for NOT having a book to read!

Mark your calendar today for May 23 – 24, 2014 to stop by the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Avenue). Books for all ages, CDs, DVDs, magazines and more are all priced at $2 or cheaper!”

Here is some advice. If you are going to this event, go on 5/23. People buy books by THE BOX at this event. Really. By the box. I have checked out the event on the second day and shelves are empty by this point.

Got a bike? Bike to work day is fast approaching. Get on YOUR bike 5/16 and ride to work. Or you can ride downtown, pick up your goodie bag, then ride on to work. I have attended the event for the last two years. 5 miles to get to downtown, 5 miles to get back to Midtown. Then 13.2 miles to get to work, and 13.2 miles to get home. Long ride, but well worth it.

bike to work 2013

Get more information here about the event. Roll on Memphis.

I lately discovered the price of a fuel pump and the cost of installing one said fuel pump. Lets just say the cost was rather high. Because of the rain, I took a break from the bike ride today. I will most likely take a break from the bike ride tomorrow as well.

And then temperatures drop to the 50’s… in MAY! Stay dry and warm Memphis. See YOU back here for more beer, bikes and books. Cheers!