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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

My “getting out” consisted of waking up early and going to work at 8:00 a.m. I only had to work for a half day. I only have to speak to an audience for four hours. But it takes it out of you. Especially after working five days previously. Generally speaking (sorry for the pun), working a half days ruins the rest of my day off.

I even stopped in at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. That caffeine didn’t touch me in the slightest. Are they using decaf now?

After some coffee I headed over to Epic Salon (712 S. Mendenhall Rd – 901-818-5501) for a haircut. Pam has been cutting my hair for more than 7 years now and is an EXCELLENT stylist. She is always professional and friendly. If you need your hair cut or styled, go see Pam!

Riding home from work Friday, I came across two ducks along the Greenline. For those of you keeping score at home, that is two snakes, two turtles and two ducks. Come on turtles, you can win this race!

If you have been down Avery near Hollywood lately, you have noticed the construction going on at the rail road crossing.

railroad construction avery memphis tn

The construction is now complete.

Avery Hollywood railroad crossing

3/4 of the crossing is brand new. 1/4 of the crossing is the same wooden beams. If you are going to fix the worst rail road crossing in the city, why not fix the entire crossing? The crossing is good enough now that I no longer have to walk my bicycle over the wooden beams fearing my bicycle would fall apart from the deep pot holes in the wood.

And I am still reading the book “The Great Pearl Heist” by Molly Crosby. GREAT book. And a true story. You can’t make these characters up. I picked up the book electronically from the Memphis Public Library. Can I just say I LOVE the Memphis Library. I walk in once a year to renew my library card. That is it. No late fee’s either with digital books. If you enjoy reading and enjoy FREE books, the Memphis Public Library is a GREAT deal.

I also purchased a new book today for $0.99. Yes, for less than one dollar I purchased a digital book from Amazon. “The Cana Mystery” by David Beckett.

The reviews for the book are good. How did I discover the sale? Bookbub.com. I use this site and my wife uses this site. Cheap or FREE e-books are available at the website. Again, very simple to use and saves you money.

Although I decided against attending the Taste The Rarity Brew Fest at Wiseacre today, I have something else in store. While at Kroger, I decided to build a “Pick 6” six-pack.

build your own 6 pack

build your own six pack

Most of  these beers are favorites of mine. One beer I have yet to try (Slip Rose). My wife asked me, “Is it beer fest tonight?” Yes. Tonight… it’s beer-a-palooza! I figure I worked 6 days this week, I deserve the celebration of beers.

Done. Exhausted. Doubt I can stay awake past 10:00 p.m. See YOU back here for more beer, books, and railroad crossings. Cheers!