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Weekend Memphis. The weather is beautiful! Get out!

Riding home from work Friday evening, I encountered an older guy with a flat tire along the Greenline. He appeared to be pretty upset. I asked if he needed help. He said he had a tube, but no tire levers. I pulled over and told him to wait. I always carry two tire levers with me in my tool kit. I handed the levers to him and said, “Drop these off at Republic Coffee. I’m always there. Tell them the levers are for the guy that always orders iced coffee.” Will he drop off the tire levers at Republic Coffee? A stranger offers tire levers to you because you left yours at home. You need help. Do you return $1 tire levers?

Saturday morning I jumped on the bicycle and headed east to Republic Coffee. On the way I discover Avery Street has been closed at the railroad crossing.

railroad construction avery memphis tn

It appears the railroad is fixing the railroad tracks on Avery. About time. I have to walk my bicycle across these tracks twice a day. If I attempt to ride across the tracks, my bicycle would probably fall apart with so much shaking. These tracks have to be some of the worst in the country. At least the tracks will be corrected. Here is another shot of the same tracks.

rail road construction avery memphis tn 2

Riding on, I get to Poplar and Humes. On the corner, in the parking lot, Bernoulli home brew store was participating in the National Home Brew Day.

national home brew day 2014 memphis tn bernoulli

Again, making beer is not difficult. If you can boil water, you can make beer. And the setup is fairly cheap as well.

I pull into Republic Coffee. I walk up to the counter to order my coffee. I ask the barista if anyone had turned in any bicycle levers. She gave me an odd look. I describe them to her. “They are orange and pink. They are only good to someone riding a bicycle.” She moved away for a second, then asked, “These them?”

tire levers 2

Wow! The guy I loaned my tire levers to returned them! My faith in humanity has been restored. I was dumbfounded. Not all people are bad. Yes, the tire levers cost around $1 so it would not have been a huge loss. I am glad that person I helped was kind enough to return the levers. With my faith restored, I sat and read the news, feeling a bit happier with the world.

Next stop? You got it, Central BBQ. I called in my to go order and headed west. I detoured the construction on Avery and continued on. At Harbert, I decided to continue west, instead of heading south, then west to Central BBQ. “I can just turn south at Cox.” Wrong. I ran into this:

railroad construction cox cowden memphis tn

This is at Cox and Cowden. Apparently the railroad is fixing various crossings in several places at once. Ooops. Now I had to ride down to Cooper, then head south, then turn back east on Central to get to Central BBQ. No worries. When I arrived at Central BBQ there was a line. A large line. As I locked up my bicycle outside, I overheard one woman ask another woman, “We have to stand in line?” Uh yeah.

central bbq line central location

That is the reason I phone in my to go order. In minutes I was in and out with my sandwich. No line for me.

Oh yes. The royals are in Memphis. Prince Harry was making the rounds in Memphis yesterday. Here are some of the notes I took as the day went on.

Friday May 2nd – “Prince Harry just cut in line at Central BBQ”, reports Polly Becker. “Make way for the king!” How rude!

Apparently Prince Harry went on to Jerrys Sno Cones. Iffy Boatrace reported “Prince Harry at Jerry’s Sno Cones asking for a “Sizzurp” snow cone.”

In the evening Prince Harry was out and about in Memphis. “Prince Harry just asked for directions to Mr Lincolns Costume Shoppe.” Reported by Tony Hills in the UK Roman Times Numeral. This can only mean trouble!

At Memphis in May, Prince Harry made an appearance on stage in a panda costume. “Prince Harry just walked out on stage with Snoop. Tells audience he is running for US president. Promises to reunite Led Zeppelin if elected.” “Prince Harry also promises to make Snoop the ‘Duke of Colorado’ if elected.” Reported by Sarah J Smith of the London Capital Times.

And yes, Memphis made national news yet again. I am sure there is more “Prince Harry” news to follow this evening. I wonder where Prince Harry will show up next.

Done. See YOU back here for more railroad tracks, Prince Harry, and Central BBQ. Cheers.