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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

Since I had to work late yesterday, there was little time to post any items. I LEFT work at 7:00 p.m. By the time I arrived home, it was 8:15 p.m.

I am still riding to work using the Greenline to get there. 13.2 miles to get to work. Problem? The construction work at 40 and 240.

Greenline Construction

Let me get this straight. You work on 40 and 240 to make the intersection better for motorists and you tear up the Greenline for runners and cyclists? That makes sense. All of the construction and damage so far has me worried. I HOPE that the construction crew do not leave the Greenline in this shape.

I have been wanting to take a photo of this along the Greenline:

Grizzlies chicken coop

That is correct. The Grizzlies are not “chicken”. Even if the posters are on a chicken coop. Grind forth Grizzlies…. and you chickens as well.

And… another event is coming up soon in Memphis.

Symphony for the Devil Memphis Symphony

Symphony for the Devil: The music of the Rolling Stones. No I am not a big Stones fan. I’ve worked a few shows in the past. And declined to work on a tour several years ago. But I do know the music well. And I do enjoy a good orchestra. $15 for a show this good? Sounds like a great night out. 5/17/2014 / 7:30 p.m. Cannon Center. Go!

Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner. Do you have your margarita planned?

margarita Frida's

It is amazing. You CAN’T get into a mexican food restaurant in Memphis on Cinco De Mayo. You don’t even know what you are celebrating. The entire city becomes hispanic for one day. Really. Anyway, get your margarita and celebrate Cinco De Mayo, for whatever reason you should celebrate the date.

Republic Coffee will sell the “Bike Arch” t-shirt.

Bicycle Arch Memphis

I am not a huge fan of the design, but the $ goes towards a good cause. Buy a shirt!

Saturday is National Home Brew Day. Celebrate by checking out Bernoulli at Poplar and Humes.

bernoulli national home brew day memphis

If you have never made beer, let me tell you, IT IS EASY TO DO. If you can boil water, you can make your own beer. On the low-end, I would make beer at $1.25 a six-pack. The most difficult part of making beer? Waiting for the beer to finish. The longer you wait, the better the taste. After you have a few batches complete, it will be easier to wait.

There is a great article in the Memphis Flyer about the tree limbs, leaves and trash pick up lately. Or the lack there of. I called the city a few weeks ago. I noticed tree limbs left at several homes on E. Parkway S.

tree limbs memphis

The limbs were blocking the sidewalk. Not good. After a couple of weeks, the limbs had not been picked up. I called the city. After some difficulty I reported the problem to the city. I was told that the city was behind in picking up tree limbs because of the ice storm. “The ice storm in March???” How many trucks are picking up tree limbs? ONE? Are you kidding me?

The free ride is over Memphis. Time to start charging people for picking up the limbs, leaves and furniture left outside of the property. Sad but true. How will this benefit the city and citizens? The city will charge X price to pick up your limbs. A private company will charge a smaller fee for the same service. This will create jobs and provide better service to citizens. Any private company can do the job faster and better than any city, county or state agency.

And lastly, my bet is the two princes will arrive in Memphis shortly. Be on the look out for Twitter posts about Prince Harry and Prince William.

See YOU back here for more beer, Cinco De Mayo, and Prince Harry and Prince William. Cheers.