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Weekend Midtown. I hope you were out before the rain began.

Saturday morning I jumped on my bicycle and headed to Republic Coffee to read the news, listen to music and have a cup of coffee. After checking the news out, I called my favorite shop in town; Central BBQ. “I need a half order of nachos, TO GO!”

Central BBQ Nachos

It’s the last two words that are most important.

15 minutes later I was at Central BBQ. I skipped that long line and marched right up to the cash register. “Nachos to go please.” In less than a minute I had my nachos and I was out the door and on the bicycle.

where are you going v and e

After destroying the nachos, I headed west over to the V and E Artwalk.

V & E Artwalk 2014

I try to check the event out every year.

v and e artwalk 2014 sign

There were many vendors at the artwalk.

v and e artwalk 2014

I stayed at the event for a while. Nice setup.

hello neighbor v and e

I did bid on an item at the silent auction table. Guess I didn’t win. (More on the silent auction later)

On my way I did find this moving truck parked in the bicycle lane.

parked in bike lane

Uhhh… you want me to ride up your ramp into the truck? There was plenty of space for the truck to park next to the curb. “The sign says no parking.” So you park in the bike lane instead? What is wrong with parking in the bike lane? Now I have to move into traffic to get around your truck Cooper Moving. Strangely enough, later that day, I noticed a different moving company parked on the other side of the street. This company pulled up next to the curb, outside of the bicycle lane.

A friend picked up some crawfish for me Saturday night from a crawfish boil. Guess what I had for dinner?


We also went by the Earth Wide Open: Mineral and Fossil show today. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event. I was amazed by the quality and the amount of different rocks to be purchased at the event. Overwhelmed is probably the best word to describe the experience. There was so much to see and so many different items to buy. Near the front of the entrance there was a “food table” display.

gem and mineral show memphis 2014

If you look closely, those items on the table are all rocks. What did I purchase?

rock fossil

A piece of fossilized wood. See, last month I WON an item very similar to this item at a silent auction. Except the item went missing before I could pay for fossil. Today I was able to purchase this piece instead.

With all of the rain in Memphis, I will not use my bicycle Monday or Tuesday. Two days off should be okay.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, art and crawfish. Cheers.