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Finally Friday Memphis. So glad the work week is done.

Last night I decided to try the new beer in town by Memphis Made; Southern Julep. Mint? Yes. I went by the Growler Memphis to pick up a bottle.

Memphis Made Southern Julep

If you decide to try the Southern Julep, make sure to let the beer breathe some before drinking it. Let the beer warm up a bit as well. The flavor comes out more that way. Can you say “mint”?

This morning I arrived at the Greenline earlier than expected. Hmmm…. I have 15 minutes to kill, might as well head over to Republic Coffee for some cold coffee. Had myself a large drink and THEN headed east on the Greenline.

Near the beginning of the east end of the Greenline you will see cement trucks if you look north. Some of these trucks have various Memphis symbols on the trucks.

Civil Rights Museum Cement Truck

There is a Sun Studio truck as well which is very cool.

The Commercial Appeal featured an article today regarding the Memphis Greenline. More bicycle patrols will be out and about to patrol the Greenline. Good. One person commented that he knows “many ladies and men that carry concealed when they’re running on the Greenline.” Really? “MANY” people are carrying concealed weapons on the Greenline? I have used the Greenline Monday – Friday, twice a day (the entire length of the Greenline) for three years now, and I was kind of surprised. I feel as though the Greenline is very safe. So I conducted a survey this afternoon of Greenline users. “Do you carry a gun?” I thought I would get laughs. Instead people were stunned by the question. One woman stated, “There are so many cyclists that go by, I feel they would help me if I needed help.” A man stated, “If I have to carry a gun everywhere I went, I would move to a different city.” Lastly, one woman asked, “Where do they keep the gun? Spandex?” As she said this, a woman went by us with wearing very small shorts and a jog bra. “Case in point.” I asked 9 people total if they carried a gun while on the Greenline. 3 men, 6 women. Joggers, cyclists and those walking were asked. People were young and old, and black and white. I asked the question randomly. Every person stated they did not carry a gun along the Greenline.

I am not for or against carrying guns. I really don’t care if you carry a weapon or not. As my sister stated, “I already carry a phone in my bra, where would I put the gun?” You may not want to answer your phone while carrying a gun. You may get one of them confused. Just sayin’.

Again, I have used the Greenline for 3 years now, both morning, and evening (even at night) Monday – Friday and have yet to have a problem. I feel that the Greenline is very safe. And so do 9 others that I asked today. If you have a better survey, I want to see it.

The weekend is packed with plenty to do. If you are bored this weekend, you are not trying. Wing Festival downtown,

Southern Hotwing Festival 2014

Rajun Cajun Festival downtown,

rajun cajun crawfish festival

Beer Fest downtown as well and

Memphis Brewfest 2014

the V and E Artwalk.

V & E Artwalk 2014

Get out! You have no excuse!