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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

What. A. Day. Yesterday started with a 13.2 mile bicycle ride to work. At mile 1, I ran into this:

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Well that is not bad. I took a trip around the block and crossed over the track on Hollywood. And then returning home; same thing.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

This time I went down to Central to go around the train. What are the odds?

Today’s bicycle ride was slightly colder. I took a light jacket with me. As I neared 40 and 240 along the Greenline, I noticed something unusual. There was yellow caution tape blocking the Greenline. Ummm… So I lifted the caution tape and walked through the work site. The guys working didn’t take to kindly that I didn’t ask permission to walk into the construction zone. I’m going to work. It will take more than caution tape to slow me down.

As I reached the other side, an older man hopped off his bicycle and told me, “This is ridiculous. I have to WALK my bicycle in a construction zone?” I don’t have a problem with the construction zone… yet.

More events coming up for you Memphis. Remember, Trolley Night is happening THIS Friday downtown on South Main. Go! You can see art,

s. main art

drink wine and people watch.

Bicycle Memphis

The sign says "Don't"!

The sign says “Don’t”!

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, trolleys, and NO MORE trains. Cheers.