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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

My morning? Cold. I started my bicycle ride a few minutes earlier than usual. Construction is moving along at Shelby Farms. I noticed several work vehicles parked along the jogging / pedestrian paths. I was able to maneuver around the construction vehicles. It appears there will be work done soon around the Mayors Lake. Since part of the old trail is now fenced off, a new trail has to be created.

shelby farms fence

From here, you turn left, near the lake, instead of heading straight. Other than that, no major problems biking to work.

The ride home was much warmer. No big jackets to wear. Nice. And the temperature is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. I can’t wait.

After my ride I found the artwork we had ordered had finally arrived.


And now THAT is on the wall.

High Ground Digital Magazine has posted a good article about the emerging Memphis craft beer scene. I really like this magazine. Read more here at High Ground News.

I am still reading the book “Cycle of Lies” by Juliet Macur. This book about Lance Armstrong. I am half way through the book. The title of the book says it all.

Done. (And tired) Some days at work just take it out of you. Today was one of those days. See YOU back here for more bears, bikes, and Shelby Farms. Cheers.