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Weekend Midtown. Get out! And stay dry.

Saturday evening we decided to have a late lunch at Huey’s.

hueys texas toast burger

Same burger; Texas Toast with extra jalapeños. “I go for the music!” Always great music playing at Huey’s.

After a nice late lunch, early dinner (“linner”) we headed to Overton Square to see the film “Noah”. Not what I expected. Noah comes off as a psychopath. I found the movie to be deeply disturbing, not for any religious aspect, mostly because of the doom and gloom and Noah contemplating killing his family and his son portrayed as wanting to kill Noah. I felt as though the director took all of the bad, depressing parts of the bible and used them all in the film. I am one that likes disturbing movies, but not this one at all.

This morning we decided to head downtown to look for a gift for a friend. I was trying to get some coffee at Cafe Keough on S. Main. Walked up to the front door…. and they are closed on Sunday. This is the second time I attempted to go here.

Instead we headed over to Tamp and Tap for coffee.

Tamp and Tap Memphis

This time I tried the “pourover”. Like I said last week, the process of making the coffee reminds me of a chemistry experiment. I did have to wait a bit for my coffee to get to me. I also ordered some raspberry covered biscotti. When my drink arrived at the table I noticed something in my spoon. It was a coffee bean. I dipped the biscotti, chewed on the bean and sampled the coffee. I have to state this was the trifecta of greatness. Combined, the flavors were amazing.

Tamp and Tap Grind Unwind

Me? I prefer to “grind”.

The next stop was The Flying Fish for lunch. Mubugs are on the menu. I ordered up a pound of the crawfish. The mudbugs were good.

flying fish crawfish


I have an early morning meeting, so I have to leave for work early. Laundry is done and my commuter bag is packed with clean clothes. Yeah this is what my bicycle will look like tomorrow.

bicycle rack

Monday is National Beer Day. Celebrate Memphis!

Beer Growler Memphis

Remember, this Friday is the Broad Ave. Art Walk,

Broad Ave Arts District

and then Saturday is the Overton Square Crawfish festival.

overton square crawfish 2013

Lots to do this next weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, mudbugs and coffee. Cheers.