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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. I was going to post yesterday, but I had margarita’s instead.

margarita cafe ole

THAT took care of THAT.

Tuesday afternoon I was riding home along the Greenline. A guy was following close behind. “I will lose him!” I pounded the pedals. “Make like the wind!” I put some distance between us for about a mile and a half. By the time we arrived at the next intersection, I coasted and he passed me up. I waited for the next incline and pounded my pedals again. I passed him up, but he caught me at the light at Highland. I know, stupid to race others, but every now and then I can’t resist.

Wednesday was a beautiful morning for a bike ride. Shorts and t-shirt as well. Awesome. Loving the warmer weather.

Many updates to do today. First up, the buffalo have moved at Shelby Farms.

buffalo have moved shelby farms

They are a bit higher and to the west of the previous spot.

Shelby Farms buffalo

Other changes so far? There is a fence near the Mayor’s Lake, cutting off the previous paved path.

shelby farms fence

You can still walk/bike/jog there, but the path is now much closer to the smaller lake. AND the path is unpaved. Instead of heading straight, then left, you turn left, then turn right to get to the top of the hill at Shelby Farms.

When I arrived home today, I found a couple of packages in the post. First up, wrist bands. BIG wrist bands. These should be smelling pretty bad in the next couple of months.

large wristbands

Can’t get more metal than these. I doubt I can wear them on a daily basis, I have others I wear as well while riding.

british flag wristband

bicycle chain bracelet

Speaking of “very metal”, the other package I received in the mail contained this:


The Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album. Good stuff. My favorites? Neon Knights / Anthrax, Last in Line / Tenacious D (well except for the flute solo), Mob Rules / Adrenaline Mob, Straight Thought The Heart / Halestorm (except for the part before the guitar solo, “Release the hounds!” uh.. no), Starstruck / Motörhead, Egypt / Doro, & Ronnie Rising Medley / Metallica. Good stuff. One of the few albums that have come out lately that I really like.

I also received some stickers in the mail for my bicycle.

this vehicle runs on beer


wiseacre tiny bomb

Yes it does run on beer.

Lastly, I discovered the name of the purple weed that has invaded Memphis.


The purple weed is named “Henbit”. I am not a botanist (but I play one on t.v.) so I do not know much about the plant.

Done! See YOU back here for more Ronnie James Dio, wristbands, and Shelby Farms. Cheers.