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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. The last few days I have had to go to work early and stay late. By the time I arrived home and had dinner there was little time to write anything. Moving on…

Meritan has announced the date for The Midnight Classic Bicycle Ride. Mark your calendars; August 23rd. I have been on the rides for the last few years. Good stuff.

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures

And there is FREE beer at the end of the ride.

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013

The ride starts at Tiger Lane. Nice change of location. Especially since Tiger Lane is in my neighborhood.

More bikes? High Ground has posted an article about Memphis and bicycles. Very good article. By the way, High Ground is a great digital magazine. Check out the magazine here.

On the way to work this morning, I was riding through Shelby Farms. I noticed the new fence going up near the smaller lake (Mayor Lake) in Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms Fence

I believe the trail will be slightly diverted to wrap around closer to the lake. Just a hunch.

When I made my way home this evening, I found Farm Road closed.

Blocked Farm Road Memphis

Hmmmm… What to do? I really need to get around this road block. Oh yeah, there is a small paved trail that runs along Walnut Grove Road. If I can just get TO the trail. I crossed a field, then headed west on the paved path. I wasn’t even slightly bothered by the detour. Just another adventure. For whatever reason my legs were ready for the ride home. It was one of those days I felt as though I could ride forever.

Growler Memphis has new glasses.

Growler Memphis Glass

DON’T STEAL THE NEW GLASSES! “Hey can I buy one?” I must investigate.

Last night I downloaded the game “Fez” to my Playstation 3. After one hour of waiting for the thing to finish downloading, I was too tired to play the game. I will have to try “Fez” out tonight. The game is side scrolling but rotates in 4D.

After biking nearly 27 miles today, I am done. Very done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and Memphis. Cheers.