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Weekend Memphis. And it has been a busy one.

Saturday started with a bicycle ride to Republic Coffee sort of early in the morning. Since the rest of my day was busy, I had to get an early start. Nice morning for a ride. I read the news and had some iced coffee.

Riding back home, I was stopped by a train.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

I took a look and saw that this was a LONG train. So I made my way south to Central and then back north to Avery. No worries, just a bit longer of a ride.

Next stop? Starbucks. Wait. What? I met a friend there since I was in his neighborhood. After one hour of good talk and coffee, it was time to head to one of my favorite Memphis joints; Gibson’s Donuts.



I picked up a half-dozen pieces of heaven. Large cinnamon, (counts as two) glazed, powered, old fashion, raspberry, and maple. Love me the Gibson’s Donuts.

Next stop? Epic Salon for my haircut. If you need your hair taken care of, make an appointment with Pam at Epic. She is great. 712 S. Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, TN 38117. (901) 818-5501 (The shop is next to Gus’s Fried Chicken). I have been going to Pam for 7 years now. She is fast, friendly and professional. She does hair for both men and women. She does not disappoint.

After my hair cut I headed over to Easy Way to pick up some fresh fruit. Love me the bananas and strawberries. Easy Way was on the path to the corner of Park and Mt. Moriah. A booth is set up at the BP station. If you like mudbugs,


a church group sells crawfish here on the weekend; Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 10-4. $7 a pound. (This is the same group that sells crawfish on Walnut Grove Rd. on the east side of town.) This group will be at the same corner for the next few weeks. Get yourself some mudbugs and give to charity at the same time.

If you playing at home, I packed up my donuts, fresh fruit and crawfish and made my way home.

Saturday night we picked up a friend and headed to Molly’s on Madison.

mollys margarita

I had a drink and some bacon wrapped shrimp. We had an enjoyable time chatting with our friend.

Sunday. The day is colder than Saturday. I broke out my new chimney starter at noon. The reviews state this thing heats your coals in 15 minutes. “No way!” First you must say several prayers to the grilling gods. Then you must drench your charcoal in lighter fluid. Then you must add a heap of paper to the coals. Light your match. Light it again. And again. And again. Total time spent in the past to get my coals ready to go? 30 minutes. So how did the chimney starter do today? Fantastic. I added a bit of paper to the bottom of the starter, added my coals, and lit the match. 15 minutes later, the coals were hot and ready. I was amazed by how little effort I had to use to get the coals burning. Zero lighter fluid. If you use charcoal, this starter is a must. Get one!

chimney starter

Really. Get a chimney starter. You will LOVE IT.

After getting the coals hot, I just dumped them into my grill and started some chicken burgers and beef burgers.

um um good!

um um good!

I also added some chicken later on. How did it all come out? Very good. The burgers were juicy as was the chicken. And I cut my total cooking time down to a total of one hour. That is from beginning to end.

If you enjoy FREE books, there is a NEW Little Free Library in Cooper Young that needs your books. The newest library is located near the intersection of S. Cox and Harbert. (more to the south-east corner of the intersection) Just drop off a few books, or take a book. No library card required.

High Cotton Brewery is in the news. The new tap room is about to be built. Know what that means? Another brewery bicycle ride. High Cotton has also doubled the capacity to produce beer. Wow. And like Wiseacre, High Cotton has added new employees. Read the latest news from High Ground News about High Cotton here.

In other High Cotton news, I tried out the newest High Cotton beers Bourbon Barrel Stout. High Cotton produced a quality beer with a good balance of flavor. Nice bourbon flavor, but not over kill. I give Bourbon Barrel Stout 3.5 out of 5 stars. Nicely done guys.

I also picked up some “Iceman” by Angry Orchard at Busters.

iceman angry orchard

This cider is 10% ABV. Angry Orchard really covered up the alcohol well on this one. No heat. A bit pricey ($12 & change), but I wanted to try this cider out for some time. And Iceman comes in a large bottle. Give the Iceman a go.

Do not forget, Trolley Night is right around the corner. Head down to South Main Friday night for some wine and art. And people watching. There is always something going on during Trolley Night, downtown Memphis. 6-9 p.m. South Main St.

Done. My laundry is finished, almost packed in a messenger bag for a cold ride down the Greenline in the morning. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, books and Memphis crawfish. Cheers.

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