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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. At least the weather is “tanfastic” outside. Okay, I had to wear cold weather gear this morning during the ride to work. 40 degrees outside makes for a cold commute.

When I dressed for the return ride west, I wore shorts and a t-shirt. Awesome. Although I had to pack my bicycle with the cold weather gear, dirty laundry, a lunch box and a go bag, I was happy to be out in the warm weather.

bicycle rack

I read other Memphis blogs daily in order to find things that I missed. Thanks to Paul Ryburns blog, I found out about the crawfish festival downtown next weekend. “Mudbugs in March” will occur 3/29/2014 at Court Square Park. General Admission is $5.00. The event begins at 2:30. I’m in. We have attended this event for the last few years.

Mudbugs in march

mudbugs in march 2013 memphis

Oink. Good event. If you do not know how eat crawfish, just ask. Someone will show you how. Twist. Suck the head. Eat the tail. Repeat.

I found an excellent article in the NY Times about bike gear to help you ride your bicycle safely. Some of the gear I know about. Some of this gear is new to me. The Bike Spike appears to be a clever anti-theft device. It is one that I would look into purchasing.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, crawfish and bicycle gear. Cheers.

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