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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

The calendar shows we are in the middle of March, but I am riding to work when the temperature outside is 34 degrees. I used my chemical foot warmers, which helped. I also used my heavy black skull helmet,

skull helmet

but took my lighter helmet with me for the ride home. Yes, I am sick of dressing in three layers of clothing to ride to work in the morning and then change into shorts and a t-shirt for the evening ride home. Where is spring?

During my ride to work I noticed a TDOT employee placing a “vehicle traffic counter” along Walnut Grove Road, very near Shelby Farms. I wonder what TDOT is up to.

TDOT shelby Farms

For some reason, he didn’t seem to happy about me taking a picture while he worked. I overheard someone at work complain about the traffic on Walnut Grove Road, and how it took him 45 minutes to get through traffic. Funny, I have no traffic problems while riding to work. Traffic along the Greenline moves along very nicely.

Memphis Greenline

Work started out well this morning, then a migraine kicked in. Usually I take a couple of tablets of Magnesium and the pills cut the migraine off within fifteen minutes. Except for today. The migraine lasted for two hours. Not good. And I didn’t get much work done with the headache that followed.

Speaking of bicycles, I saw this cool bike windscreen at www.bikehacks.com. (I read this site daily. Love it.) I will say the bicycle windscreen concept is interesting. Notice how the seat is pushed further back.

And more bicycles. Bike to work 2014 is now on the calendar. Friday May 16th is the date. I have participated in the event for the last two years.

bike to work memphis 2012

I usually head downtown early, then head back east to ride to work. Yes more miles for me, but it is fun to chat with others while riding. And there is usually a bag of fun stuff at the end of the ride.

bike to work 2012 swag

Try out Bike To Work 2014. You will like it. (I STILL have the lights from the bike ride!)

Done. I am still feeling the migraine “after shock”. See YOU back here for more beer, bikes, and bbq. Cheers.