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Weekend Memphis. Although the weekend started out with some great weather, today ended with rain.

Friday evening after work I started my bicycle ride home. Since the temperature outside was so nice, I ditched my cold weather clothes and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. The only problem with this is the matter of where to place my lunchbox, go bag, dirty laundry from the past week, AND my cold weather gear.

bicycle rack

Are you saying my back end is “large”? Okay, “I” am saying my back end is BIG. The photo makes the bike look heavier than it actually was. That is the price you pay for cold weather commuting.

Saturday morning started my day with a bicycle ride to Republic Coffee. Easy enough. I sat and read the news and drank a couple of cups of coffee. Nice weather too.

Next stop? Central BBQ. Although there was a line to get into the joint,

central bbq line central location

I skipped the line. CALL IN YOUR ORDER! Head over to the side door behind the counter to pay and pick up your food. It is just that simple. I took my wings outside to the patio and demolished them.

central bbq beer

As I was getting up from the table, I noticed the line had barely moved. Sorry, but I am off to my next stop.

Growler Memphis is just a short bike ride away. Pulling up to the curb I noticed the vintage Barracuda was STILL parked outside.


Who abandons a classic car? There is now a tow tag on the vehicle, so the car will not be there much longer. With many beers to choose from, I decided to choose a flight of mostly local beer. So here is the list; Memphis Made Junt, High Cotton Sawmill Stout, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb, and Sam Adams Cold Snap.

Growler Memphis

All of the beers were good. If you have never been by Growler Memphis, stop in. Sit and watch t.v. or just people watch. The place is like a coffee shop, except they serve beer instead. The shop is trying out these new trays so you know which beers you are drinking. I finished up my flight and headed out.

Next stop? Wiseacre Brewery. I found the bike rack outside and locked up the bicycle.

wiseacre bicycle rack

Many people were already in the tasting room trying out the newest Wiseacre beer; Try. I’m in.

Wiseacre Try

If you want hops, Try has hops. Just sayin’. Another note; Try is not sold in the smaller tasters and maybe not in the growlers. I didn’t see the price listed for growlers on the big board. As I was leaving Wiseacre, I was able to chat with one of the owners briefly. “How do you like the new beer?” “It’s good, but you are going to need a bigger bike rack.” Three cyclists pulled up as I was leaving. I also told him, “I would rather spend my money on beer than gas.” It is just easier to ride my bicycle.

We were having dinner tonight at Molly’s in Overton Square. I was telling someone about downloading books from the Memphis Library. “What?” She did not know you can download books to your digital device from the library. I LOVE my library card. FREE books.

Speaking of the library, I found another book I want to read; “Cycle of Lies” by Juliet Macur. The book is about Lance Armstrong. Should be good.

Last night we watched the film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” via Roku. The documentary is about street art. And a man who filmed street art; Thierry Guetta. He is an odd person to say the least. Banksy sounds incredibly sober compared to Guetta. Guetta goes from shop keeper to amateur film maker to amateur street artist. And none of these experiments go well for Guetta. At least not until the end of the film. Hoax? Did it rally happen? You be the judge.

I also ordered myself the game “Tomb Raider”. Even though I have only played a small portion of the video game, Tomb Raider is good. I am still having trouble aiming and shooting the gun and bow and arrow. Push this button, push that button, jump, shoot and then run; all at the same time. My game playing skills have declined since 1980.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and books. Cheers.