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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.

Chilly morning for my ride this a.m. I bundled up. Those chemical toe warmers came in handy. Nice ride although I didn’t see many people in the early hours.

The ride home was much better. 60 degree’s outside this afternoon. Shorts and t-shirts, shorts and t-shirts. I love this warmer weather. Once I was on the Greenline, I spoke to a guy who bikes often. We chatted about bikes (what else) and how the weather is much nicer outside now. The miles go by quicker talking with someone as you ride.

When I finally arrived home, I found a large envelope in the post.

It was a Sportsafe Marker. I immediately opened the envelope and tried the marker out on my arms. Some advice. Do not write unmentionable words on your arms until you are SURE the ink comes off. Just sayin’. But in other news, the marker does work. Can’t wait to use the marker while out on the Greenline. When you see someone riding with slogans written on his arms, it is me.

Oh yeah, we watched Riddick last night. The latest film is much more like the first movie. An academy award winner? No. Best acting? No. Best story? No. It’s a man movie. Lots of killing and blowing things up. Jordi Molla is also in the movie. Good actor. (The crazy partner from the film “Blow”. ) “Survival Is His Revenge”. Pretty much says it all.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, movies, and beers. Cheers.