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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Excellent weather today for a bicycle ride. Me? Shorts and a t-shirt. Rock on. Funny, I didn’t see hardly a soul on the Greenline this morning. Check out my view from my commute.

Memphis Greenline

I see this view every morning. Beautiful. The ride was so nice I stopped in Shelby Farms to take a break for a few minutes. I sat and looked about.

Remember that fence I wrote about yesterday?

shelby farms park

I called Shelby Farms today. “What’s up with the new fence?” “We are moving the buffalo up to the northwest side of the park.” Shelby Farms will be expanding the lake, and have to move the buffalo to do so. Soon you will see the buffalo a bit further north and west in the park.

Since I have not ordered ANYTHING (well almost anything) from Amazon.com, I decided to order a few items today. First up, a charcoal starter.

I have spent 20-30 minutes in the past coaxing the coals to get hot. This should do the job in just minutes with little fuss. With the warm weather arriving soon, I can’t wait to try this item out.

I’m going to have some fun along the Greenline. The idea came to me; why not get a sports marker to write some interesting words on my arms while out riding on the Greenline? So I purchased this item today; Sportsafe Waterproof Ink:

Can’t wait to write a few messages on my body.

And lastly; the newest edition of the game Tomb Raider. Do I have the skills? Probably not, but it will be fun to try the game out.

Nice ride home today. Yes, MANY people were walking, jogging and riding bicycles today in Shelby Farms and the Greenline. Go, go, go!

As much as I love the warm weather, tomorrows forecast calls for winds and rain. 27 m.p.h. winds do not appeal to me, at all. And neither does rain. And especially not when the two are combined. Unless the weather changes I will probably ditch the bicycle tomorrow.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, the Greenline and Tomb Raider. Cheers.

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