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Manic Monday Memphis. Get ready to work hard.

And yes, I worked hard today. This morning I had to arrive early at work. Checking the sunrise / sunset stats for today, I was shocked to see the sunrise start time for this date as 7:15 a.m. What? Oh yeah, daylight savings. Sunset was at 7:00 p.m. Great for the evening, but not for the morning. I bundled up and got out in the cold air at 7:00 a.m. My wife had purchased some chemical toe warmers, so I put those on as well. Not a bad ride this morning. Strangely I did not see one person using the Greenline early in the morning. Okay, more room for me.

When I reached Shelby Farms, I saw an interesting sight.

shelby farms park

What’s up with these tall poles in the ground? This photo was taken in the upper northwest corner of the park. The poles are taking up a huge part of the north part of the park. What is going on? I am curious. If this is a fence, this is a tall fence.

If ANYTHING has happened in Memphis today, I don’t know about it. I was very busy today at work. The ride home was super nice. I put on my bike shorts and a t-shirt. Those three layers of clothing? I put them in the my bicycle basket and headed down the road. Walnut Grove Road. Danger street. Really. As I was crossing Walnut Grove Rd. and Farm Rd. to get into Shelby Farms Park, another cyclist was heading south across Walnut Grove Road. The motorist allowed me to cross the street, but cut the other cyclist off. The cyclist began to scream at the motorist. I see this cyclist daily. I shouted back to him, “good luck”. Again, Walnut Grove Road is a dangerous street to cross. Watch out.

Speaking of watching out, M.P.D. is sitting near the lights that protect Greenline users at Highland and the Greenline and Graham and the Greenline. Drive through those red lights, and you will see blue lights flashing behind you. Just sayin’.

I finally arrived home and decided to do some quick work on the bicycle. Grease the chain, add air to the tires and get my bicycle bell exactly where I want it. Just a tip. If you ride bikes, you may want to take some extra plastic gloves with you. Why? Work with your bike chain and you will understand. Just spend a few moments working with the chain, and your hands turn black with grease. Easy enough to use the gloves and avoid the grease.

Warmer weather for tomorrow. Shorts and t-shirt riding weather. See YOU back here for more bikes, Greenline, and Daylight Savings. Cheers.

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