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And the weekend continues Memphis. The temperature was not as warm as Saturday, but we got out.

Saturday afternoon I met my wife at Corky’s for some bbq. It has been years since we have stopped in at Corky’s. I am a bigger Central BBQ fan than a Corky’s fan. Nothing against Corky’s. I just prefer Central. (It may also be that Central is just a few hundred feet from home.) I ordered the lunch “sandwich special” ($6 & change) which includes a sandwich and two sides. “BBQ beans and hush puppies please.”

Corkys sandwich

Both sides were perfect. The beef sandwich was on the small-ish side, but tasted good.

My wife ordered the BBQ Nachos.

Corkys BBQ Nachos

The difference between Corky’s and Central BBQ nachos? Corky’s dish tasted as though chili powder was used to add flavor, while Central BBQ does not use chili powder. Central relies more on shredded cheese and bbq sauce while Corky’s appeared to use more chili powder and canned cheese for the same effect. My favorite? Central BBQ.  Plus I enjoy the jalapeños as a topping on the nacho’s at Central BBQ. Again, many people love Corky’s over Central. No problem. Just a matter of opinion.

For comparison sake, I give you Central BBQ nachos:

Central BBQ Nachos

Spring forward! When I awoke Sunday morning, my wife told me to get ready for lunch. “What? It is ten a.m.!” “It’s eleven a.m., daylight savings.” Oh. Oops. Forgot about that. I must be in the same boat as Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Via Twitter “Daylight Saving Time starts this evening, turn your clocks back…” Well maybe not in that same boat. Must be good to be a politician and not have a brain.

Oh yes, lunch. We headed over to Sweetgrass Next Door for lunch. The sign in the joint says it all:

Sweetgrass Hangover

 True. We ordered some fries, and a burger.

Sweetgrass Memphis Burger

Once we had enough to eat, it was time to head home… for a nap. But wait! How about some exercise? We headed out for a walk around Cooper Young.

Curiosity got the best of us and we decided to check out the new Kroc Center down the street. We took a tour of the place. Wow. The center is amazing. I was dumbfounded. The basketball court wall has a sci-fi look to it. And the small center next to the court does too. The pool looks awesome as well as the fitness center. Full theater? Yes, the Kroc Center has one. If I didn’t ride my bicycle so much I would be very interested in joining.

Back to our neighborhood walk. We headed up to Cooper Young and looked at the abandoned Barracuda parked near Celtic Crossing.


The car is dirty and the tires old, BUT the tags are new. If this is a classic car why the new plate and tags? I also found three different guys looking at the car. Dead body in the trunk? Who knows.

While out for a walk we saw this sign posted on Cooper Street:

Lost Dog Memphis

Look what is written below the “photo”. Only in Cooper Young.

Done. I’m beat. Food, walks, drinks, and more food. I can’t complain. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and lost dogs. Cheers.

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