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Weekend Midtown. And Spring has finally arrived.

Friday morning I put on my three layers of clothing just to ride my bicycle to work. The temps were in the lower 30’s. I even wore my “bones” helmet to work to keep my head warm.

skull helmet

By the end of Friday, the temperature was in the 50’s. I put on shorts and a t-shirt, plus my Ozzfest hoodie and packed up my clothes. One full bag of dirty laundry in one bicycle basket, my lunchbox, water bottle and my “go bag” in the other. My baskets were so full, I had to strap my folded bundle of pants to the back of my bike rack. Loaded down, but ready to go. I loved the warmer weather.

By the time I was home, I realized I had forgotten to take some OTC medicine in the morning. I doubled up the medicine thinking that would make me feel better. It did slightly. After a few hours I decided to have beer and vodka. Bad idea. Hint: If your stomach doesn’t feel good, do not add beer and vodka. Just sayin’. Later in the evening I became violently ill. “Well that was a fun.”

I awoke Saturday morning feeling better, but since I didn’t want to chance it, I didn’t have coffee or beer or wings today. Bah!

I did ride 17 miles out to the east side of Memphis and back.

bicycle shelby farms

The Greenline had many people walking, jogging and riding along it. Like me, Memphis wanted to get out of the house. Winter… you are done.

I remember building my first nuclear fusion reactor at age 13. Errr… wait a minute. No I don’t. But this kid did. Holy cow! I was trying to find a beer at age 13, not build a reactor. This is nuts.

Lost Pizza Company is opening soon at Polar and Humes. Expect a review from me soon about the joint. The best news is that LPC is on my route home. To easy to stop in for some pizza and beer. Read more about the place here from Memphis Business Journal.

Done. Beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, pizza and beer. Cheers.

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