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Two for Tuesday Midtown. “Fat Tuesday” that is.

The temperature outside this morning was 19 degrees.

memphis temperature

Cold. Very cold. I had a choice. I could brave the streets and hope there wasn’t much ice on the road; orrrrr…. ride 11.2 miles to work along the Greenline. Again hoping there wasn’t a whole lot of ice on the trail. After thinking about my choices, I went with the Greenline. I am always up for an adventure. As I neared the west end of the Greenline, I saw a whole lot of snow and ice on the bike path. Well here goes “adventure”. Another cyclist was starting his ride as I started mine. The other guy went faster than I did. “Let me know if there are fallen tree limbs! Keep me advised,” I shouted. He ignored me. Most of the fallen limbs were between the Highland and Tillman section of the Greenline. I had to ride slower on the sections of the path that were covered with snow and ice. And there was a good portion of the trail covered with snow and ice.

I reached Graham and pressed the button to cross the street. Except the button was FROZEN and would not activate. So cold.

The bridge that goes over Wolf River on the Greenline was iced over pretty good. I stopped to take a photo near the second bridge, east of the Wolf River. Yeah, the water was iced over as well.

Memphis Greenline Ice River

By the time I arrived at work my toes were so, so, so cold. “Fish sticks!” Or rather frozen fish sticks. And that was while wearing TWO pair of socks. Do I hear three? Three pair of socks?

The ride home was better. The temperature was 30 degrees! And hey, a big shout out to the motorist who ignored the red light on Graham as I crossed the street. I waved to the jerk as the car blew by me going 40 m.p.h. without stopping. Just ignore those red lights!

Speaking of bicycles, there is a report posted today about Memphis and cycling. You can see the report here from bikepedmemphis.wordpress.com.

Speaking of beer, there is a new beer festival that will SELL OUT soon. (You heard it here first.) Wiseacre will host the “Taste the Rarity” Invitational Beer Festival.

wiseacre beer festival rarity

Mark your calendars; May 10 from 3-7 p.m. You can purchase tickets from the brewery website here. The ticket price? $50 (plus fee’s). So here is my take on the project. Good idea. Good beers. Except the price. Don’t get me wrong. Three Floyds, New Belgium, Goose Island and the local beers make for a good event. Can I drink 10 beers in 4 hours? (Doing the math; $5 a beer, divided by ticket price, equals ten beers. Carry the fraction… wait. What? I was never good at math.) This one has me sitting on the fence. I like beer. I like good beer. Here is the kicker. Can I afford $50 for the “Rarity” event? Sure. Do I WANT to pay $50 for the event? Now in bicycle terms. I like bicycles. Can I afford a $700 bicycle? Sure. Do I want to pay $700 for a bicycle? Or $1000 or $1200 for a bicycle? “Rarity” is a toss-up for me. I’m not sure which way I will go with this event. If you ask me tickets will not last long. Just sayin’.

Finally after buying the book (hardback), downloading the E-Book version (TWICE!) and downloading the audio version, I have FINALLY finished Dan Brown’s latest book “Inferno”. It has only taken me 6 weeks to finish? I only had 15% of the book left to read. That was THREE weeks ago. Even if books are bad, I finish them. “Struggle on, until the end!” “Inferno” is not a bad book. “Inferno” is okay. But I just couldn’t put my head into the end of the journey. The ending threw me for a loop as well. Not what I expected. And that may not be a good thing. But I FINALLY finished the book. Thank goodness for snow days.

Speaking of snow days, you take ONE day off from work, and you end up with 30 messages on voice mail, a phone ringing off the hook and a desk full of unfinished files. That is why I hate taking a day off. I only get to do twice the amount of work in one day when I return.

Lastly, I purchased the best of Foreigner “Records” via Amazon. Hey, the CD was only $0.01, plus $4.00 shipping. But… the songs. “Cold as Ice”, “Double Vision”, “Head Games”, “Feels like the First Time”, “Urgent”, “Juke Box Hero”, and “Hot Blooded”. I can remember hearing “Head Games” when the song first came out. Sounds like some excellent bicycle riding music to me.

Done. Beat. Tired. When is spring again? See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and “Head Games”. Cheers.

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