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Ice-meggedon hits Memphis in early March 2014.

Was I prepared? Yes. I have beer.

azazel wiseacre

And vodka. And BBQ.

Central BBQ Nachos

Instead of trying to drive around outside in the freezing rain, I walked over to Central BBQ for some bbq nachos. And the nachos were good. Love me some Central BBQ.

Other than that, we stayed in. At least I had beer and vodka.

Monday morning I looked out of the window and saw the snow on the ground.

Memphis snow

The snow covered the sleet, which covered the ice. Heading to work was out of the question. I was able to take a few photo’s outside. The temperature had really fallen overnight. 

While staying inside, I read the news. Every day I check the website http://www.lifehacker.com. That is nothing new. What is new is the sub-blog “after hours” Lifehacker site. This is the very adult version of the helpful website. Need to know how to hide your weed better? Want to know helpful hints about sex? This is the site. I bookmarked the page, but put it low on my list, so I do not open the site accidentally in public. Very interesting site.

Last week we were nearly out of coffee. I seem to remember way back in my past; a coworker brought in some coffee from Hawaii. “It’s Kona coffee.”

kona coffee

Oh yeah. I asked my wife to pick some up for me to try, since I have not had Kona in more than a decade. Months ago, someone asked me if I was a “coffee snob”. No I’m not. I like coffee, but I can drink most any brand or style. Beer on the other hand… I may have to explore the “coffee culture” some more. Me- “I’ve been to Vienna!” Wife-“What coffee did you drink?” Me- “Coffee. I’m an expert!”

Done. Stay warm. Stay inside. I will see YOU back here for more bbq nachos, snow and coffee. Cheers.

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