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And the weekend continues Memphis. Beautiful day outside.

Jacket? I don’t need no jacket. The temperature outside was excellent for a bicycle ride ’round town. First stop? Republic Coffee. I read the news and listened to some music.

Next stop? The Greenline. I figured the weather was perfect for a round trip to the east side and back.

zero mile marker greenline memphis

My odometer is broken! I put in nearly 21 miles today on the bicycle. (The real story is that I hid my odometer, and now I can’t find it; two years later.)

I also finished eight minutes ahead of schedule. Not sure exactly how that happened. The Greenline was packed with people enjoying this superb weather.

Next stop? Wiseacre brewhouse. What’s new at Wiseacre? Bike racks!

wiseacre bicycle rack

There are three new bicycle racks to the left of the patio. It is a start. Hampline = bicycles = more bicycle racks at Wiseacre. Just sayin’. After I locked up my bicycle I sat inside and ordered one of the newest beers Lightning Rod.

Lightning Rod

Bitter? Yes. The beer is supposed to be a bit bitter. Nice and refreshing beers at Wiseacre. I also had a chance to speak to the owners for a couple of minutes. Both asked me how I liked the new bike racks. In the words of Chief Brody, “You’re going to need a bigger bike rack!” Wait till summer comes around. My prediction? You will see many bikes at Wiseacre, especially once the Hampline is complete.

Kellan from Wiseacre asked if Tiny Bomb was my favorite Wiseacre beer. Actually it is not. My favorite Wiseacre beer is Got To Get Up To Get Down Coffee Milk Stout. THAT beer is the BEST beer in Memphis. Hands down. A perfect blend of coffee and beer. Love it. But Tiny Bomb is a solid beer as well. Nice and refreshing.

In order to brew the high gravity beers, you need a license for that. I asked how much the “special license” costs. “Thousands of dollars.” You have to pay lawyers, application fee’s, ect. You have to be inspected by the state. It’s just beer! Why does the government have to make things so complicated?

I was also able to chat with Davin from Wiseacre for a few moments as well. If you have questions about beer or beer styles, ask! These guys know beer.

After having a Tiny Bomb, it was time to ride on. As I was leaving Wiseacre, I found another two bicycles parked in the new bike racks outside. Told you.

Time for The Growler Memphis. I parked my bicycle near the Growler shop in Cooper Young and I noticed a vintage Barracuda parked out front.


The car looked as though it had been sitting in storage for a long time. The vehicle was filthy. If you look closely at the photo, someone left a note on the windshield. “Let me know if you are interested in selling this car!” When I walked inside of the Growler, I was informed that the car has been parked on the street for three days. Weird.

Time to decide. What beer to order? Instead of my usual flight (four beers), I ordered a pint of Yazoo Hefe. Excellent choice. I love Yazoo Hefe, especially after a long bicycle ride. And…. The Growler Memphis will soon have a kitchen for food. Cool.

Now for some Memphis rumors. I like to talk beer with people. You didn’t hear it from me. Sources have it that another brewery is looking to set up shop in Memphis. Whatttt? Sounds good to me. Another rumor? There may be a NEW patio to people watch coming soon to Cooper Young. Just sayin’.

I tried the Wiseacre Azazel Ale last night.

azazel wiseacre

Good stuff. With 10% ABV, this beer has some heat. The alcohol is covered up nicely though. The aroma is wonderful. Stick your nose in it. I picked my bottle up at Busters by the way.

My wife arrived home from work this afternoon and brought me some cookies from Muddy’s Bake Shop.

muddys cookies

Cookies! Cookie, cookie, cookies! ‘Nough said.

This afternoon we headed over to Studio On The Square to see the movie “Three Days to Die”. Good action movie. Bonus points; the movie is set in Paris.

Right. I am beat. I spent hours riding ’round Memphis today. Great day to be alive. Great day to be in 901. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and bike racks. Cheers.

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