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Weekend Midtown. Get read to rock Memphis.

I have way to much to write about and not enough time. So instead of going in-depth, I will show the highlight reel.

Beale St. Music Festival acts have been announced. My favorite band? Motörhead. “We are Motörhead, and we play rock and roll.” If you have never witnessed the band in the past, you are in for a treat. When Lemmy says the band will “clean your clock” he is not joking. This band plays on 10, and doesn’t stop pounding even after you surrender. And you will surrender. Favorite songs? Overkill, Killed By Death, and Aces of Spades.

My wife picked up some valve stem covers for Valentines Day.


My bicycle will roll harder than all others 🙂

Speaking of bicycles, I didn’t ride the bike today. I am not a fan of the rain. Or cold. Or both at the same time.

On my way home this evening, I stopped in at Busters for some vodka. I also found THIS:

azazel wiseacre

The newest beer from Wiseacre; Azazel Golden Ale. Yes the label does state “10% ABV”. Holy hell! Wait for the review to come to you soon.

Like I stated before, I have saved, emailed, and took photo’s of way too much stuff. My guess is a “double wide, make that a double, with extra everything on the side” kind of post coming at you soon.

Up next? The “Ancient Aliens” drinking game. Every time the host says “Gods, heavens, extraterrestrials” you take a drink. Double shots for doing an impersonation of the host David Childress.

Done. Getting ready for an excellent Saturday. See YOU back here for more local beers, Motörhead, and valve stem covers. Cheers.

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