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Waffle Wednesday Memphis.

Was it cold enough for you today? That morning bicycle ride was FREEEEZING. Really. BELOW the freezing point.


How many people did I see while riding along the Greenline? FOUR. Four women joggers running in a group. That was it. Maybe that should tell me something. Humans are not out exercising in these frigid temperatures. The cold would not have been so bad except for the 15 mph wind. And I forgot my extra pair of socks. For those of you counting at home, I wore three shirts and two pair of pants. Funny, by the time I arrived at work I was hot.

The ride home was only slightly better. The wind had died down some. I did see a few people using the Greenline in the evening. Well maybe FIVE people. And a dog. The temperature was still cold though. Me? I am looking for some warmer weather next week.

Like bacon? Me too. Except when the bacon is cooked and then shrinks up. But you can stop the bacon from shrinking by running the bacon under cold water prior to cooking it. Read more secrets of bacon here, from Lifehacker.

Wiseacre beer will be featured in a beer dinner on 3/4/2014. Four courses for $35. Get ready for Fat Tuesday people. More details are listed below.

wiseacre dinner

From the Local website:

“Local Beer Dinner featuring Wiseacre Beer. The Best Local food and the Best Local beer. Four Courses for only $35. Downtown Local ONLY. Call for reservations. 901-581-0541. Location: Downtown Local 95 South Main Street, Memphis TN 38103″

Done. I am attempting to warm myself up. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and bacon. Cheers.

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