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Manic Monday Memphis.

The temperature outside was COLD today. Freeeezing cold.


Who was that masked man? I have a cap on, then my balaclava, then my hoodie, then my helmet. Yes, the temperature outside was freakin’ cold. The low temperatures didn’t slow me down though. I made good time this morning and evening.

Since the weather was so nice Sunday, we decided to have lunch at Young Avenue Deli. I ordered myself the Politically Incorrect Sandwich.

Young Avenue Deli politically incorrect 

The meal was good as always. And those sweet potato fries were delicious.

Later in the day I took my bike out for a long ride. I started from Cooper Young, to the west end of the Greenline, to the east end of the Greenline, then turned around. Total miles? 17. Good ride. Things I saw on the ride? A woman walking on the Greenline wearing pink shorts AND fishnet stockings. Classy!

I also came across these crutches near Poplar and Humes.

Memphis Crutches

“I got better!” If you need some crutches; Poplar and Humes is the place to go.

Two restaurant notices I found today. Shocking. I went to Huey’s on the wrong day. I should have waited until today.

“No joke. FREE HUEY’S FOOD at Huey’s Germantown (only) now, 2/24/2014 -2pm! Help us out during our soft opening! First come, first serve. (No ToGo food)” (the offer is now over)

Is it just me, or is Huey’s getting better and better? Huey’s is providing a garden for the community to raise fresh veggies AND now a free lunch today. Keep up the excellent offers Huey’s.

Can Cooper Young get any better? Check out this new restaurant coming to Overton Square; Schweinehaus. German food! And German beer! I can’t wait. When I first moved to Memphis, I really wanted to see Germantown. “There must be great German food in Germantown.” I was wrong. The empty building, formerly Paulette’s, will now be the new home for the Schweinehaus beer hall. Get ready to eat German food in late summer.

Done. I am beat from that cold bicycle ride. See YOU back here for more German food, beer, and crutches. Cheers.

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