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Weekend Memphis. The warm weather is back!

How warm was it today? I wore a t-shirt for my bicycle ride. First stop? Republic Coffee.

republic coffee $3 menu

I read the news and listened to some great music. Love me some coffee. As I was leaving the place, I noticed this advertisement by the front door.

The Doors John Densmore Unhinged

John Densmore of the world-famous Doors will sign his latest book at The Booksellers of Laurelwood on Sat. March 8th at 2:00 p.m. You can read more about the event here. I am pretty sure I will attend. In the past I was able to see the Krieger / Manzarek + Astbury tour. Late start, but a good show. And yes, I am a Doors fan, so the event should be fun. “Break on through…”

On the way to my next stop, I found some new art at the railroad crossing in Cooper Young.

I love you memphis art

And I love you as well. I guess this would make a great place to take a photo to give to someone.

Stop number two today was the Growler Memphis in Cooper Young.

Beer Growler Memphis

For those of you playing at home, the beers pictured are Amber Waders of Grain, High Cotton Sawmill, Scrimshaw, and Yazoo Hefe. I thought the Waders of Grain was okay. Sawmill, was very good. Try Scrimshaw. I tried this beer “years” ago. And the beer is still good. Yazoo Hefe; I LOVE that beer.

After a delicious flight I headed to Huey’s for a Texas Toast Burger; extra jalapeños please.

hueys texas toast burger

Love me the Huey’s burger. Best music venue in Memphis is possibly Huey’s. Really. I wish I had the joints playlist on my iPhone. Huey’s plays it all.

After lunch it was time for a bike ride to Wiseacre Brewery. But first, along the way, time to see the new bicycle arch at the entrance of Overton Park (Sam Cooper Frwy & E. Parkway S.)

Bicycle Arch Memphis

The arch makes me proud of Memphis. In only a few days construction of the Hampline begins. This arch will be connected by a bike lane to the west end of the Greenline. Can’t wait to ride the new extension.

Last stop of the day was Wiseacre Brewery.

Tiny Bomb Wiseacre

Ahhh… Tiny Bomb beer. Always a good choice. I really wanted to try the newest beer Azazel Belgian Ale. They are out! But they will have bottles of the beer available soon. Doh! Stop drinking all of the good beer before I get to it Memphis! Shoulda stopped in sooner. My fault.

Done. After riding ’round Memphis for 5 hours, I am beat. See YOU back here for more art, Doors, burgers and beers. Cheers.

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