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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Coffee, beer; whatever.

Because of the tornado-gedden today, I didn’t bike to work. Wish I had done so. I love the commute.

Speaking of bicycle, I was doing some bicycle maintenance tonight. There will be blood.


I was putting air into my tires, something that I loathe doing. Daily (no), weekly (no), monthly (no). Try semi-annually. Yeah, yeah, you are supposed to check your air pressure routinely, but it doesn’t happen. Bad me. The above photo is how NOT to inflate your tires. Just sayin’.

When I arrived at home tonight, my wife had made a big pot of chili.


That chili was delicious! I know what I am having for lunch and dinner for the next few days. Oink.

I am looking forward to my bicycle ride tomorrow. Up early, brisk temperatures; let’s do this!

Just one more thing. If you are a hater of Memphis, check this out. Huey’s in Midtown purchased the vacant property next to the restaurant. What is going in? A community garden. The group GAIA will grow and distribute food to local food banks and shelters. Way to go Huey’s! Read more about the plans from Memphis Daily News. I wish more local businesses would follow suit. News like this makes me want to go to Huey’s even more! (I go for the burgers AND music!)

hueys texas toast burger

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, burgers, and community gardens. Cheers.