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And we are back to the work week Memphis.

Monday. Banish the day forever. And then there will only be six days in a week. Monday was terrible at work. Nothing went right. “Monday, I banish you!” Skipping Monday…

Tuesday. I woke early for my 13.2 mile commute to work by bicycle. The weather had warmed up enough and that made my ride pleasant.

Memphis Greenline

I was worried about how fast I was riding, but at the end of the Greenline, I was right on time. After a nice ride though Shelby Farms, I headed east at the bottom of the park. Although my ride was 5 minutes over my normal pace, I will take it. As I finished work this evening, my wife stopped by to pick me up. No need to work late THEN bike home. I did enjoy riding a few hundred feet in the dark without a jacket in the evening though. The temperature felt great outside tonight.

Speaking of work, do you want to wear sweat pants to work? And look as though you are dressed up at the same time? Now you can. “Sweatpants that look like dress pants!” Really. Okay, the new duds cost $100, BUT YOU CAN WEAR SWEATPANTS TO WORK! Read the story here from CNN. I’m in.

And yes, Fox 13 Memphis did a piece about the new beer scene here in Memphis. Good stuff. If you didn’t know it already, Memphis is beer. SEE the story here from Fox 13. Good story and congrats to all of the new breweries as well as The Growler Memphis and Madison Growler.

Done. Beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and sweat pants. Cheers.