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Day two of the weekend in Memphis. Winter is nearly over. Here comes the sun.

My wife asked me where I wanted to go to lunch. “How about Huey’s?” You can’t go wrong there. “I go to Huey’s for the music!” True. Love the music at Huey’s. We order the same burger every time we are in the joint; Texas Toast Burger with extra jalapeños.

hueys texas toast burger

Love me the Huey’s burger. We chatted with a friend of ours during lunch. And the service was very good too.

Next we headed over to Molly’s for a margarita. The original plan was for my wife to order a margarita, but by the time the margarita was sitting in front of her, she decided against it. It would be up to me to drink that margarita.

mollys margarita

Well someone has to do it. I can take care of the job. After a few brain freezes, the glass was empty. Oink. Good margarita’s at Molly’s.

As I started my bicycle ride yesterday morning, I noticed that my bicycle felt lighter. That’s weird. Why would my bicycle feel lighter? A mile into the ride I figured out the weight variance. I forgot my tool kit! Doh!

toolkit bicycle

I took all of my tools out of the bag to take a photograph and forgot to put the tools back in the bag. Good thing I didn’t need the toolkit for anything. This evening I made sure to pack all of the tools back in the bag.

Other than some rain in the forecast, the weather this next week should be much better. I feel spring has almost arrived in Memphis. I cannot wait for warmer weather. Bike rides, bbq and beers are in my future.

See YOU back here for more burgers, margarita’s and bikes. Cheers.