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Weekend Midtown. Get out. Brrrr…. The temperature was 34 degrees outside this morning. I wore my regular winter cycling gear. I also took my balaclava with me as well. I used the balaclava as a cap to begin with. A mile into the ride, I pulled the balaclava down over my face. That train blocking my path near Humes didn’t help my ride either.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Finally after arriving at Coffee Town, I started with some coffee.

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

After reading the news, I headed over to Growler Memphis for more drinks.

The most difficult thing about The Growler Memphis is deciding on WHAT beers to have. Standing in front of the big board I had to make a choice. Finally, I went for Wiseacre Tiny Bomb (solid choice), Yazoo Hefe (one of the BEST beers in the state), New Belgium Snapshot, and High Cotton Sawmill Stout.

growler memphis

I could not have chosen better beers. For some reason I was resisting Sawmill for a good while. Sawmill Stout is a very good beer. Try it. (Please ask questions at the counter when ordering beer. The staff is very knowledgeable about beer. I ask questions every time I am in the joint. They get questions about the various beers all of the time.)

After coffee and beer, it was pizza time. It has taken us several months, but we finally decided to have dinner at the new joint, Mellow Mushroom, in east Memphis.

mellow mushroom memphis

When I walked inside, I noticed that my dentist was sitting at a table. We chatted for a bit. In his opinion, the East Memphis Mellow Mushroom is better than the Germantown place. We decided to order the cheese pizza.

mellow mushroom pizza memphis

Now that is a pizza. My opinion? The pizza was good. I enjoyed the pie. No complaints from me.

Wiseacre Brewery released their newest beer today Azazel.

wiseacre taproom

A friend texted me at 3:30 p.m. today. Wiseacre Brewery was packed with patrons. I read a tweet at 6:00 p.m. this evening; Wiseacre was STILL packed with customers. I am not saying that Wiseacre is printing their own money; but…. Now I REALLY want to try this new beer.

Stay warm Memphis. The sun will come out, just not tomorrow. Oh, and here are a couple of links to my Flipboard account; this one and this one. I have added a few new articles recently.