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Ice storm Memphis! Stay home!

I did not expect to wake up to an ice storm. Basically all of the news reporters advised viewer’s to stay home. Not a problem. Your safety and your vehicle are not worth the risk.

Since I stayed home for most of the day, I was able to work on a project I have been wanting to do for some time. And I have plenty of extra time today. Below is a photo of my “small” bicycle seat bag.

bicycle seat bag

I purchased this item years ago. Although the bag looks small, it carries a whole lotta stuff. What kinda stuff? Here it is:

toolkit bicycle

What the…? I will attempt to name everything I carry with me daily when I am out for a ride. Starting on the top left, working my way down and to the right; multi-tool, hex wrench set, tube patches, tire levers, small roll of tape, zip cords, spare tube, a small pack of assorted nuts and bolts, a clamp, a couple of compressed air cartridges, two LED valve stem lights, more clamps, a phillips/flathead screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. I also keep a small air pump attached to the frame of the bicycle and carry a kool stop tire jack. I could probably build a bicycle with all of the extra parts I carry. But better safe than sorry. I see many cyclists out and about that get caught with a flat. Carry some tire patches and an extra tube! A small tire pump is also good to carry with you. Yes, ALL of the above is stuffed into that small seat bag.

Since Central BBQ (Central Location) is in the neighborhood, we ventured out into the cold. New on the menu is Sweet and Heat wings.

central bbq wings nachos

THOSE WINGS ARE HOT!!! The name of the wings should be Sweet and ATOMIC wings. Just sayin’. Oh yeah, we also ordered BBQ nachos and a grilled cheese sandwich. Central BBQ, you saved the day. And today was the shortest lunch line in Central BBQ history.

I did find this on the door to the joint.

yazoo mardi crawl

Yazoo Mardi Crawl 2014 is headed to Copper Young on 3/2/2014. It appears Central BBQ, Young Ave. Deli, Cafe Ole, Sweet Grass and Celtic Crossing are participating. For more information, check www.yazoobrew.com/mardicrawl/.

Done. Stay warm Memphis. I will see YOU back for more bikes, bbq and beers. Cheers.