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Weekend Midtown. Time for some fun.

When I awoke in the morning, I discovered snow on the ground. You know what this means; “Ice Bike 2014”. Yeah, that was me riding my bicycle in Midtown. I was able to shoot a very short video of my bicycle ride in the snow. (Which I will have to post at a later date)

ice bike 2014

About the only problem I had was a short skid when I turned one corner. Other than that, I was careful and the ride was fine. Sort of different to ride on the snow. My main worry was the small hills. I wanted to make sure I had enough traction to go up the hill or had the ability to brake while going down hill. Fortunately my brakes worked fine going down hill. Surprisingly I had traction while climbing small hills. Cool day to be out to say the least.

My first stop was at Republic Coffee for hot coffee. I sat, read the news and listened to some tunes. After an hour, I headed across the street to pick up some dry cleaning. I had some jeans dry cleaned this week.

bicycle dry cleaning

To the right, in my bicycle basket is my dry cleaning. Dropping off or picking up dry cleaning is so easy with a bicycle basket. Love my bicycle baskets.

Saturday evening we met friends at Wiseacre Brewery. I really wanted to try out the new Barleywine “Snowbeard”.

snowbeard wiseacre

Before I purchased my Snowbeard, I ordered a Tiny Bomb and the Fleur Verte. The second beer has a very subtle flavor. The beer was good. And now for the Snowbeard. “Can I order a bomber and drink it here?” The answer was no. “Fight the man!” You can only purchase four Snowbeard bombers at a time. I bought two, one for me and one for a friend. The beer is 9.5 ABV and it comes in a 22 oz. bottle. Oink. So I took my Snowbeard home with me. How was Snowbeard? Good. Wiseacre does a very good job of covering up the alcohol. Yet Snowbeard still has a bit of heat and kick to it. I drank six ounces last night. Snowbeard is something you really want to sip on or share with a friend. Just sayin’.

Sooo… this is where things take a turn to the “dumb side”. I have wanted to rant about this subject for some time. I found this flyer on my vehicle Saturday.

anti smart meter memphis

It appears there are some people in Memphis that are “Anti-Smart Meter”. If you want to cut to the chase, just read the first part of that phrase; “anti-smart”. If you want the long version, here is my RANT on the matter.

Looking at the above diagram, smart meters will be used by thieves to find out if you are home or not. So the “smart, high-tech thief” (the reason they are stealing is because they are NOT smart) will hack into your smart meter to determine if you are home. Or the thief could just knock on your door to discover if you are home or not. I’m going with option number two for the lazy burglar.

“Terrorists will shut down the power grid!”. That’s odd. How many American power grids have been shut down by terrorists so far? Hmmm… That answer would be “ZERO”. Terrorists would much rather STEAL YOUR MONEY than shut down the power grid. Just ask Target.

The power company is “watching you” and will cut your electricity if you use a large amount of electricity. Yeahhhh….. not buying that one at all. Type “power company cuts your power when you use too much?” into your search engine. You cannot find an answer to that specific question. Because it doesn’t happen. The power company cuts your power off when you DO NOT PAY your electric bill. Just pay your electric bill.

Electric bills INCREASE after you install a smart meter. Wrong. Look it up for yourself:

“The winners of the 2011 and 2012 Biggest Energy Saver contests (biggestenergysaver.com) reduced their electric consumption by 36 and 37 percent respectively with the help of information from their smart meter”.

You want to list Janice Fullilove as a supporter for your cause? Really? How many D.U.I.’s? Janice is “protecting” us? Are you kidding me?

Memphis City Council Smart Meters

This “anti-smart” meter protest has nothing to do with smart meters at all. It is all about a local union. Meter readers would “have to adapt” if smart meters were installed. No, we want our job to stay the same, forever and ever. Adapt. Learn. Move on. Or stay the same. Don’t adapt. Don’t evolve. Please, be the dinosaur.

There are many more worries in your home than a “smart meter”. If you want to be worried about an appliance, check out these unsafe items in your home; extension cords, space heaters, clothes dryers, dishwashers. Your stove is the number one culprit for a fire in your home. Hmmm… smart meters didn’t make the top ten list.

Here is my question to those who are against smart meters. Do you use a “dumb” phone or a “smart” phone? My guess is over 90% of you use a smart phone. Why? “I can’t watch those cute cat video’s that are posted daily on Facebook using a “dumb” phone.” Oh, so you want “smart” when it comes to personal technology?

Another question for the anti-smart meter gang. Do you drive up to a gas station and just randomly put in ANY amount of fuel in your vehicle? No. You watch as the “meter” tells you exactly how much fuel goes into the tank. “No, I just close my eyes, and get a surprise when I finish gassing up.” Wouldn’t you rather know exactly how much electricity you are using on a daily basis, than by just guessing?

And another question for Local 1288. When you go to the grocery store, do you pick out items and throw the items into the cart? Or like most people, do you look at the price tag of each item? I do not have the luxury of not knowing how much money I am spending at the grocery store. I want to know what I am spending every time I am in the grocery store. Maybe the members of Local 1288 are very well off and do not care about money.

Strangely enough, the group (Local 1288) lists an “email address” to contact Local 1288 members. Hey, why are you using a “smart” means for people to contact you? Why not have citizens communicate to you via a letter, written on paper?

The smart meters can cause a fire! So, if there is ONE fire caused by a smart meter, you will not have a smart meter installed, right? Wait. People get killed in car accidents, so by the same logic, let’s all give up our cars and walk because cars are dangerous.

No. Let’s stay stuck in the past. Why use technology to help us? Wow, Local 1288 is all “smart” and stuff. They produced these awesome fact filled flyers. Uhhh… no they didn’t. They downloaded the material from a website. Wow Local 1288, you worked really hard on those flyers. Not.

Lastly, here is a theory. Maybe Local 1288 is in league with the power company to get you to use MORE electricity. What? Think about it. Local 1288 doesn’t want you to know how much power you are using. Since you cannot monitor power usage, you use MORE electricity; just what the power companies want you to do. Follow the money. Who pays the members of Local 1288? Think about it.

The “anti-smart” meter movement is garbage. End of rant.