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Finally Friday Midtown. Weekend time.

Well not exactly a “free” weekend for me. I do have to work a few hours Saturday. But other than that… fun in the snow. Memphis is “supposed” to get one inch of snow Saturday. We will see how that goes. Snow? How about a bike ride in the snow? I’m in.

memphis snow

Okay, that is snow from “this” winter. I believe the snow will look more like this from a past winter:

Snow in Memphis

Snow in Memphis

Just sayin’. Tomorrow will be my first time attempting a bicycle ride in the snow. But that is cool. I am prepared.

Ice Bike!

Ice Bike!

Who was that masked man?

Ever find a secret pocket in a jacket you were wearing? As I was leaving work today, I put my coat on. I heard a slight tearing sound. Damn. Tear in the coat? No. That was velcro keeping a small pocket closed inside the coat liner. Looking at the coat, I noticed I had “two” of these small pockets. That’s weird. And there was something in one of the pockets. Hmmm… I didn’t put anything in the pocket. The object was a pen. A cheap pen at that. But the mystery deepens. Who put the pen in the jacket? Not me. I didn’t even know there was a pocket. To bad it wasn’t money in that secret pocket.

I have mentioned this simple program in the past, and I will mention the program again. Phrase Express. Fantastic little program. If you type or fill out forms with the same words or phrases over and over, download Phrase Express. The program is simple to enable. Just add words or phrases that you type again and again. Phrase Express will automatically add the word or phrase as you begin to type the phrase. Get Phrase Express here. Love it.

Books. I am in an odd situation. The book I am currently reading is Dan Brown’s “Inferno”. The book is “okay”. Certainly not as good as “The Da Vinci Code.” We had the hardback book sitting on the book shelf for months on end. Didn’t read the book. I recently downloaded the e-book version for free from the Memphis Library. Today I downloaded the “audio version” of the same book. For those of you keeping count at home, that is THREE versions of the same book. What… the… hell. Let me explain. The only reason I enjoy the e-book version of books is that I can carry the book with me in my iPad. I take my iPad with me most places. If not, then I carry my iTouch. Both have the Kindle app installed for me to read my books. To easy. So I tried out the audio version of “Inferno” today. Not a big fan. I have listened to audio books in the past (very few). Likes? I can drive / ride and listen to the book. Dislikes? The GUY reading the audio book only softens his voice for the FEMALE dialogue of the book. This is really annoying. Dan Brown. You are a ba-zillion-aire. Couldn’t you have hired ONE WOMAN to read the parts for the female roles? Just one? That one woman would make all of the difference in the world. Just sayin’.

Done. Plans for tomorrow? Bike ride in the snow. Then maybe some beer at Wiseacre in the evening with an out-of-town guest.

wiseacre taproom

See you back here for more snow, balaclavas, and beers. Cheers.

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