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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Is it cold enough for you?

Tuesday evening was our 7th wedding anniversary. Just when you think things go wrong, they go wrong even worse than expected. We had reservations for Folks Folly. Due to the bad weather, I made the call and cancelled the dinner reservations since I didn’t want to be out on the roads if the streets turned to ice. Strike one. My wife picked up some Memphis Pizza Cafe so it was pizza instead of steak for our anniversary. She also picked up some cheap champagne to celebrate with. While attempting to open the bottle, the neck of the bottle broke and she cut her thumb. Strike two. Can the evening get any better? Just like any marriage, some days are better than others. Evidently things were not going our way Tuesday night. We did get a small bottle of Fireball. Here’s to 7 years of marriage.


Wednesday worked a bit better for out post anniversary dinner. We stopped in for dinner at Sweet Grass Next Door. SGND is always a solid bet. I ordered up the fried egg sandwich and she ordered a burger.

A plate of love.

A plate of love.

Both dishes were good. No complaints. Plus I have lunch for tomorrow with the left overs.

and fries!

and fries!

Speaking of food, do you want to lose weight? How about looking better and feeling better at the same time? I found this very good article using the app Umano. You can lose weight AND look better by being a “part-time vegan”. Strangely enough, I have done this in the past, and it worked for me. Basically you eat like you are a vegan from breakfast to lunch, and then eat meat at dinner time. How about oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad or bowl of soup for lunch, then chicken, beef or fish for dinner. I lost a chunk of weight along with exercise eight years ago. Worked for me. If you want to read the article, go here to Salon.

Video recommendations? I listen to a podcast titled Craft Beer Radio. Good show if you like beer. What does this have to do with films? I download the pre and post shows. (I used to listen to the main show, but instead listen to the pre and post shows now) During the last pre show (pre-show 276), the hosts discussed two different movies; Exit Through the Gift Shop and Gasland 2. The host of the CBR show recommends both films. I may have to try them both out.

By the way, I stopped by the Growler Memphis in Cooper Young.

Memphis Growler Store

The shop has New Belgium Accumulation in the store. REALLY GOOD BEER. Check it out if you have the chance.

I added a few new articles to my Flipboard account. Beer and alcohol myths? Check them out.

Done. See YOU back here for more food, movies and beer. Cheers.