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Manic Monday Midtown.

Is it cold enough for you? Superbowl Sunday saw us at a Superbowl party. We attend this party every year. The party is like Thanksgiving, only there is a Superbowl involved. Gumbo, red beans and rice, bbq, and plenty of desserts. I will have to admit the food was better than the game. After the half time show, I had given up on the game.

Yes, I am STILL playing the video game Baldurs Gate II. Good game, but not so easy for me, even while watching the walk through at Youtube. My wife is currently playing Lego Marvel Super Hero’s. (PS3 edition)

Strangely enough she is a much better “Lego” player than I am.

Although I am still reading “Inferno” by Dan Brown,

I picked up a used copy of Smithsonian Magazine today at work featuring one of my favorite rock and roll outlaws Blackbeard.

smithsonian blackbeard

Good magazine, especially if you like things made of gold. Or pirates. Or both. If you want to write a book like Dan Brown, here is some advice from Dan Brown (from the HP by Lisa Rogak).

Since our anniversary is Tuesday, I picked up some flowers for my wife today.


Remember, Whole Foods is having a discount on roses starting on February 5th. Get bunches of flowers if you can for the love of your life for $19.99.

Whole Foods Roses special 19.99

Done. See YOU back here for more pirates, books and roses. Cheers.