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Weekend Midtown. At least the temperatures are not freezing cold today.

My morning began with a bicycle ride. Finally, one day when I do not have put on three layers of clothing to ride my bicycle. One long sleeve shirt and one short sleeve shirt, plus cycling pants and I was ready to go. Although the wind was blowing, the ride was good. Two miles later and I was at Republic Coffee. Nice morning to read the news and catch up with the world with a cup of coffee.

The latest book I downloaded from the Memphis Library is “Inferno” by Dan Brown.

Yes THAT Dan Brown. Am I a big fan? No. Is this latest book his best work? No. Is the book okay? Yes “Inferno” is okay. What I enjoy about the book is that the scenes are set in Italy. Florence to be exact.


(The photo above is a picture I took while in Florence) Reading about some of the sites I visited years ago is interesting. If you want to check out “Inferno” by Dan Brown, read more about the book here. Funny thing is, we have had the book sitting on a bookshelf for months. Once I was able to carry the book around using my iPad, I decided to read it.

What game am I playing now? Baldurs Gate II.

Good game, except that I have to use the numerous walk through’s posted on Youtube to play the game. I was so good at video games… in 1986…

Last night we stopped in at Local on the Square. Busy night at the Square. My choice for beer was Tiny Bomb.

wiseacre tiny bomb

Always a solid choice by Wiseacre. On tonight’s menu? Fireball and Angry Orchard. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and books. Cheers.

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